Monday, September 15, 2014

In Search of Unicorns

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Plans were made mid-week when we both were finally able to pencil the trip in on the calendar , with the unexpected last minute emergency as the only game breaker. The call had come during a week of milder than usual weather which had both of us thinking about a certain quarry known for it's preference of crisp Fall days and cooler water temperatures. After a long stretch of work I was desperately in need of some water time and my buddy was in need of an outing where he was actually fishing instead of untangling wind knots and yelling "set" to a sport who's trying to update his Facebook page while floating the best section of river.
The prospect of a chilly morning and a three hour drive time had us choosing to fish bankers hours instead of our usual crack of dawn start time for a change.
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The lake is just a small city water supply reservoir , 450 acres of electric motors only water where the constant whine you hear can be attributed to an oversized dragonfly circling overhead opposed to that clan of mouth-breathers on their jet skis that frequents the waters you normally fish.
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You arrive at the boat ramp and set up the vessel of choice for the day...locked , stocked and loaded with 10 weights , half-chickens lashed to irons and 50 pounds of adrenaline inducing thrust to get to where the action is.
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You've played this game before so the reality that you probably had a better chance of hitting that $5000 scratcher you picked up along with your Little Debbies this morning than you do of actually catching the fish you're after doesn't even phase you. The fishing is done in shifts , with one guy running the trolling motor while the other tries to fool one of the toothy predators lurking within the dark waters with a hook full of feathers.
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The day goes by too quickly , as is always the case when you finally get to spend time doing something you actually enjoy. The good thing about this kind of trip is that you never have to worry about the fishing not living up to your expectations. We fully expected to end the day with sore shoulders and not much to show for the end it was mission accomplished.
We've all heard the moniker "fish of a thousand casts" thrown around in fishing circles when describing this dentally challenged beast. Now , math was never my strong suit , but I'm pretty sure in the half dozen trips made since taking up this pursuit I've more than met my qouta of ugly if I can just get my fly in front of a fish who's using the same math I am my luck just might change.
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bugs from the Bench...Simple Baitfish Streamer

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If you've been following the blog at all this Summer you've probably seen this fly in the mouth of more than a few smallies, some largemouth and even a few trout. When creating this fly I was basically looking for a non-articulated pattern that was easy to tie and had lots of action. The double deciever is one of my favorite streamer patterns for smallmouth but there are times of the year when a smaller profile bait seems to get more attention , even from the bigger fish. The first pattern that I tied and used successfully was the Murdich Minnow , which is a great fly in it's own right , but I still wanted something with a different profile and maybe even a little more action. After a few attempts at the bench and on the water testing I came up with what I now call the Simple Baitfish Pattern.
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I know that's not a very catchy name but every time someone asked me what I was throwing I'd show them the fly and say "it's just a simple baitfish pattern" , and since I'm not very creative the name just stuck.
So anyway , I've had several requests recently wanting to know what fly that is and tying instructions for it if I was willing to give them. So here goes....

Materials List :
**All materials in colors to match main body. I like white body w/ olive head...Yellow body w/ olive or yellow head...White body w/ chartreuse head. **

Hook..... B10S - Size 1/0 (or sized appropriately to the fly you're tying)
Thread...GSP (color to match fly body)
Tail.....Marabou (tied in with a hook length of material behind the hook bend)
Lateral lines....Grizzly Hackle (tied in with tip same length as marabou , one on each side)
Rear Body....Extra Select Marabou (palmered forward and stroked towards back of hook as wrapped)
Main Body....UV Polar Chenille (palmered forward and stroked towards back of hook as wrapped)
Head....Senyo Laser Dub (tied in several hook length clumps in middle and folded back on both top and bottom of fly to form a head that pushes water)
Eyes...Red Holographic Eyes (stuck on dubbing head with Goop)
If you have any questions as to tying methods feel free to ask and I'll try to answer as best I can.

And here's a little photographic proof that they do actually catch fish...
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 photo P1080285_zpsba08104e.jpg
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