Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4/11 - 4/12 Smallmouth , Largemouth and a Nice Bonus Fish

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It's happening again , and a little earlier than it did last year as well. These first few weeks of nicer weather have got me thinking that it's time to put away the trout gear for awhile and focus on my new favorite quarry...the smallmouth bass. I know it's still early for this part of the country , as a matter of fact the below freezing temps I encountered when I woke up this morning reminded me of Winter not Spring , but I still can't shake the urge to get out on an Ozarks stream and huck streamers for smallmouth.
This past weekend I had the chance to get out on a couple of beautiful days and fish two different smallie streams , one that I've fished before and one that was totally new to me. Most of the fish I encountered were still playing hard to get but I managed to find a few willing players over the course of the weekend.
I rolled out of KC early Friday morning with the pontoon on the back of the truck , ready to spend a couple of days chasing ole Mr. Smalljaws. Due to some last minute plans that came up for a buddy I was going solo today. The plan was to float about 5 1/2 miles of river , new water to me , and see if I could find a few smallies that had finally shaken their winter inactivity for the urge to chase a big ugly fly.
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After working out the shuttle and getting dropped off at the put-in I was on the water fishing by 9:30. This particular stream was a little smaller than what I had experienced while fishing several other Ozarks smallmouth waters in the last year , but it didn't take long to find a good looking section to strip a big streamer through.
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The fly of choice was a double deciever again today and I was able to convince the first fish into eating it on only my third or fourth cast of the day.
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I was a little worried about catching a fish so quick , often times for me that seems to be the "kiss of death" and the rest of the day goes downhill from there. After missing another fish out of that same hole I started floating my way downstream , fishing any of the likely looking spots as I went. I wasn't in any hurry seeing as I had the entire day to finish out the fairly short float before I ended my day camping streamside along the river I had plans to fish on Saturday. I caught a decent little largemouth and a couple more smallies before I decided to pull over and break into the cooler for a little lunch.
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After enjoying a nice break and a tasty lunch , a cold-cut sandwich with an even colder PBR , I continued working my way downstream looking for willing players.
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It turned out to be a pretty good afternoon all things considered , I emptied the cooler of beer , caught several more decent sized smallmouth and even managed the first sunburn of the year.
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Seeing as though everyone I had talked to told me it was still a little early for successfully catching smallies on big streamers I was pretty pleased with the days results.
After loading up the pontoon I made my way down to my home for the remainder of the evening , a nice little streamside room with a view.
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After a dinner of cold fried chicken I spent the rest of the night sitting around a campfire staring up at the stars and listening to the hoot owls carrying on conversations from one side of the river to the other. My favorite way to spend an evening....
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The next morning I was up early to tear down camp and meet up with Sean and Raz for another day of floating.
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We were at the access by 7:30 and after visiting with a few buddies that happened to be in the area as well , were on the water by 8:30. I was pretty excited about the days possibilities considering my success the day before on a nearby body of water.
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Despite the warm temperatures and abundant sunshine (same M.O. as day 1) the day started off a little slow. We both caught a couple of fish on the first half of the float , including one nice largemouth that just smashed my double deciever , but it wasn't quite as good as what I had been expecting.
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About midway through the float we came upon a small backwater that was home to several pods of cruising carp and decided to kill a little time trying our luck at tempting one. Sean got a couple of follows and an eat and miss before I finally hooked up with one on a small olive sculpin pattern. I had told Sean that it would be a battle if we actually hooked one and I was right , five minutes into the fight and we were pulling anchor and rowing back upstream chasing the fish and hoping that I didn't run out of backing! After finally getting most of my line back on the reel he finally began to tire and I eased him into a net that was way too small for a fish of his size. I never do hero shots , but I broke my own rule this time simply because I couldn't get a good picture of the fish by myself.
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It took both hands to handle this beast properly. After a quick mugshot he was released gently and swam away no worse for the wear.
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After that fish I was ready for a break so I hopped behind the oars , lit up a cigar and watched my buddy fish for awhile. We had some good chases after lunch and caught several more fish but just like last weekend we had some issues with getting the fish to fully commit to eating.
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I liken it to a small child that wants to play with his food because it looks interesting but just won't take that first big bite. We finished out the day around 6:30 , both of us with newly acquired sunburns and smiles on our face. It may still be a little early to really crush it out on the smallmouth streams , but it's definitely not too early to enjoy the hell out of trying!!
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Is it Smallmouth Time Yet?? Getting Close......

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I got the opportunity to spend a few hours on a nice little smallmouth stream with a couple of good friends this past weekend.
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Of course we had to pick the coolest , overcast day to hit the water instead of one of those sunny warm days of the previous week. Unfortunately the rest of the world doesn't revolve around my fishing schedule (but it damn well should if you ask me!)so you just have to take what you can get, when you can get it.
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We only landed a couple of fish , small ones at that , but had some opportunities that would have turned the tables and made it a pretty good day of fishing if things had worked out differently. Sometimes it happens like that and all you can do is pay your dues and hope for better luck next time.
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We were still pretty happy with the results of the day regardless of the fish count. We got to huck some streamers, catch a couple fish and see several more visual eats that we should have caught , all while enjoying some good company floating down another one of the Ozarks finest.
Needless to say ,those fish had better not let their guards down now....we'll be back very , very soon and next time we're bringing our A-Game!
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