Tuesday, February 19, 2013

2/17..."Lazy Sunday Float"

Took advantage of the beautiful winter day on Sunday by getting in a nice float on one of my favorite local rivers. Good friends...a river...a driftboat...and a few fishes...enough said.
 photo P1040718_zpsf87c0368.jpg
 photo P1040729_zps52dd31e4.jpg
 photo P1040730_zps30f3bd03.jpg
 photo P1040727_zpsba3010e0.jpg
 photo P1040744_zps584a987e.jpg
 photo P1040735_zpscf102555.jpg
 photo P1040761_zps2d17dd60.jpg
 photo P1040759_zps0c3eec43.jpg
 photo P1040748_zpsf9c10c49.jpg
 photo P1040757_zpsaf891700.jpg
 photo P1040725_zps532e96b5.jpg
 photo P1040770_zps507dc464.jpg


  1. Looks like a great day, what river did you float?

  2. Beautiful--floating right out of winter into spring. We've got some 50's in the extended forecast. Can't wait.

    1. It was Spring last week , but this week it's truly winter again. 13 inches of new snow at my house as of last night...bah-humbug!

  3. Enjoyable. Very pretty rainbows.

  4. Thanks Alan...sometimes those short day trips that don't hold any pre-concieved expectations are some of the best.

  5. Makes me want to do it again! Good shot of that Rainbow color shows against that green water.

  6. Won't be long , hope we can get in some good fishing this next weekend. Talk to ya...

  7. I think I saw your boat trailer attached to a white pickup at B@r#l@y access that morning. I wondered who was driftboating on that river. Beautiful day.

  8. Yep , that was us. We floated from the bridge down to there and had a pretty good day. The rivers been fishing pretty consistently for me the last few trips , I only wish they would put a few more regulations on the fish keeping and I'm pretty sure we'd get more of that.