Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Topwater Carp , Reservoir Cats and Strip-Pit Bucketmouths...A Mixed Bag weekend

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I managed to get out and play around for a few hours over my past few days off. A little of this and a little of that , I didn't get too serious about it. Just killing some time in the best way I know how...fishing.
I found a few carp slurping something small off the top on one of my local haunts. I never could figure out what they were eating but managed to fool a half dozen or so in two visits with a combination of the old stand-by cottonwood seed fly and a griffiths gnat.
 photo P1060196_zpsaa7215e6.jpg
 photo P1060188_zpsdcb3932d.jpg
They weren't big , but I'll take small carp sucking in dry flies anyday.
 photo P1060192_zps3da171a0.jpg
 photo P1060202_zpsd9146559.jpg
 photo P1060190_zps85ab5637.jpg
Made a trip out to the flats on a local reservoir to check on the carp and drum activity. Fubar'd a couple shots at both but didn't see as many fish as I had hoped for.
 photo P1060180_zps069971b1.jpg
Managed to stick the biggest fish I had a decent shot at though , thought it was a drum until I saw that big head move over and suck in the fly.
 photo P1060162_zps79e1a1da.jpg
My biggest cat on a flyrod and sight fished to boot! I tried to get a couple of decent pics but the fish was simply too big to lift out of the water with one hand and snap a shot. Considering the time of year I'm pretty sure she was up there spawning or getting ready to so I just unhooked her and let her swim away
 photo P1060172_zps77ae9c9e.jpg
I also spent an afternoon and evening fishing some local ponds and strip pits with a newfound fishing buddy. We've talked through e-mail but never had the chance to get together on the water until now. We spent the better part of an afternoon checking out some local waters that he has available to him , drinking a few beers and talking fishing.
 photo P1060208_zpsd228e569.jpg
We played around with some small bluegills and crappie until the sun started it's evening descent and then we switched over and started looking for a few largemouth to harass.
 photo P1060002_zps8cd617e9.jpg
In short order we were hooked up with a few of the local residents.
 photo P1060211_zpsff1f2430.jpg
 photo P1060207_zps837ab043.jpg
 photo P1060215_zps0bee3316.jpg
We didn't catch any of the really big boys that are known to inhabit these waters but that just gives us a good excuse to plan a second trip!
 photo P1060212_zps6b14e074.jpg
 photo P1060210_zps2b96649a.jpg
I hope to get back out on some smallmouth water in the very near future but until then hanging out with the locals is pretty good entertainment!


  1. Awesome job on the cat! How big do you think she was?

    1. Thanks...I'd guess over twenty , she was wide and thick.

  2. Nice mixed bag. What do you use to tie your Cottonwood seed fly?

  3. Thanks Jay...The patterns extremely simple , I use what's called marabou fluffs (just extra small marabou feathers) and then just tie them on an appropriately sized wide gap hook with black thread. Nothing fancy but a good representation of a cottonwood seed.

  4. I'd call that making the most of things. Nice photos. The cat was amazing, but the bass were the prettiest. Thanks.

  5. No better way to kill some time, than to fish! Looks like you've been making the best of it!

    That's a great looking cottonwood seed fly. I'll have to tie one of those, and try to entice the carp around here.

    That cat is enourmous! Wow!! I think you managed to take some excellent pictures of it. I'm all for artistic shots over the shots, and you nailed it with those 2. Especially, the release shot of it swimming away. I bet that was a blast!

  6. Thanks Justin...If you can find carp eating on top the cottonwood seed fly is a definite winner.

  7. We found large catfish in a fast flowing river once, like trout fast, one of a guessed 5lb., yours we might not have landed. Wonderful things there for you!


    1. It was a definite surprise when I saw that big ole whiskered face! Not as many runs as a carp that size would have given but a brute to land on the setup I was using nonetheless.