Thursday, May 26, 2016

Soul Cleansing

*This ones a little over a week outdated already due to computer issues at broke and I no longer have one. Truthfully I hate the damn things anyway so good riddance!*

There's no such thing as a bad day of fishing, I know we've all heard that one and I tend to agree with the statement. That being said, some trips are just better than others when it comes right down to it. One of the things I enjoy most about fly fishing is the chance to get away from the rat-race of everyday existence that we all deal with on a daily basis. No computers, no busy highways, no worries to contend with except what fly that fish in front of you might consider eating. When you can couple this with the experience of overnighting on a gravel bar far from civilization it really is the best of all worlds.
Last weekend I got the chance to spend a couple of days on a river with some friends doing just that. We loaded up two drifters with coolers full of beer and enough gear to start our own flyshop and set out Saturday morning for a 19 mile float and a peaceful evening sleeping under the stars. No cell phone service, no McDonalds on every corner and no pissed off commuters honking incessantly because the flow of traffic doesn't suit them. Yes it's true, there may not be such a thing as a bad day on the water. But there's just no substitute for the peace and solitude that sleeping on a riverbank far removed from the rest of humanity can give to your soul. My soul was long overdue and was in need of a good cleansing.

Heading out...
 photo P5142914_zpsq8otsjq5.jpg
 photo P5142915_zpseuvbbksc.jpg
 photo P5142918_zpsvo84yefe.jpg

Just doesn't get any better...
 photo P5142931_zpszjwfaqf3.jpg
 photo P5142922_zpsas4fuham.jpg
 photo P5152964_zpsiwpvtjms.jpg
 photo P5142927_zpstrpvn9ip.jpg
 photo P5142930_zpsinllmtmh.jpg

Our little slice of Heaven...
 photo P5142939_zpssxer4ge5.jpg
 photo P5142941_zpsv7mrfpai.jpg
 photo P5142948_zpsybhnmuxx.jpg
 photo P5142944_zpsnvllfvbg.jpg
 photo P5142947_zpsqnfawzod.jpg

Morning on the river...
 photo P5152950_zpshvykdxci.jpg
 photo P5152954_zpsotijqpqn.jpg

The float back to civilization...
 photo P5152961_zpsp2ovkxfm.jpg
 photo P5152967_zpssuhythuk.jpg
 photo P5152960_zpsrhlpnipf.jpg
 photo P5152975_zpss4ti4mda.jpg
 photo P5152965_zpshznzauey.jpg
 photo P5152977_zpsfx4ju5nu.jpg


  1. Jeff, If I had to give a prize for the person who does the best outdoors adventures, you'd win every time. The water is unbelievable, the camping spot is great and as usual the fishing looks great.

    1. Thanks Howard. I have to admit that I'm not much good at anything but I often excel at having a good time! Everyone's got their talents , right??

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  3. Jeff you have done it again, awesome.
    You guys get it.

    1. Appreciate it Alan. Good friends, beautiful water and a couple of days with nothing to do but enjoy them both. That's a pretty hard scenario to beat in my book...

  4. The only thing missing is photos of the ubiquitous, ever-present Double Deceiver! Another great trip. Finally booked two weeks out of the cubicle in Mid September and am going to get in my first overnight on a gravel bar. Not sure which yet.

  5. I have to agree with Howard. Great outings.