Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Creek

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A small creek wandering through the Ozark hills, crystal clear waters giving residence to some of the most beautiful little wild rainbows to be found in this part of the country. It's a Tuesday and the usual competition that good-heartedly loves this little gem to death are all back to their weekday grind of school, work or whatever it is that keeps them from being here today. The reason is not important...just the result.
We've spent many a day walking these banks together, today as we wander along the shaded corridor and share it's beauty with some of the natural residents, it's not hard to see why it was always one of our favorite spots.
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A 2 weight, a small hopper pattern with a GRHE dropper and a bottle of water are the only baggage required for this trip. Simple...and enjoyable.
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This really isn't about the fishing though. The company itself, the streamside picnic lunch and the doe and yearling fawn you walked up on in the middle of the creek are but a few of the highlights that will be remembered long after the fish have been forgotten.
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This was about spending some time with a best friend, sharing something one more time that you've enjoyed so many times together. Just another memory that won't soon be forgotten...
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  1. Beautiful stream! I'm a little jealous, right now it seems that instead of staying here in New England to trout fish I would be better off going South! Too dry.

    1. Sorry to hear about your "less than stellar " water conditions. That's an issue we are usually dealing with as well but this Summer has been wetter than normal. We've had several weeks this Summer where rivers have been blown out by big storms. Not so great for the fishermen but I think it's good for the waters and the fish that live in them.

  2. Well, I'll apologize for calling you a golfer. I checked all the pictures and didn't see a club in site unless you count the 7wt. as a club. Nice report my friend.

    1. Thanks Howard. No golf clubs, I might take up square dancing before I'd stoop to playing golf!

    2. Thanks man, nothing beats a day walking a small creek with your best friend