Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Smallie Day Trip

 photo P1080263_zpsed76a416.jpg
Had the opportunity to do one of those one day whirlwind trips again and just couldn't pass it up. Seven hours of road time for about the same amount of time on the water...some might say I have a problem.
The fishing was a little slower than the previous trips but fish were still caught and a good time was had by all involved parties.
 photo P1080248_zpsa0c23aea.jpg
 photo P1080260_zps70c07971.jpg
 photo P1080256_zps5cac9341.jpg
The bite definitely seems to be moving from a post-spawn into a more summer like pattern for us , lots of fish everywhere but fewer and fewer of those pigs that we were getting regularly earlier in the year. We still landed a few chunky fish that pretty much made the day.
 photo P1080249_zps93884a04.jpg
 photo P1080010_zpsee37f5e9.jpg
 photo P1080045_zps33f10889.jpg
It still beats the hell out of anything else I can think of doing and I can't wait to get back out again!
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  1. i LOVE that fishin' lab! :) and you might be a tiny bit obsessed...

  2. That fly seems like a big producer for you! It's in almost as many pictures as the smallies in your past 2 posts. I might need to tie some up. I cannot wait to visit a river or two down that way.

  3. Handsome fish. And seven and seven sounds OK to me.

  4. Wonderful looking bass and a day enjoyed. I think it was worth it.

  5. I like to abide by, "If you like it, then do it.". Certainly a good trip and some fine Smallmouth for your reward plus the feel of the river.

  6. Are you drifting or stripping? What type of knot do you use? Are they holding to timber but off the beds? Do you cast anything less than an 8 wgt. when casting those DD's?

  7. Great trip. Driving as much as you fish seems normal to me...that's what I tell myself anyway since most of my trips are like that. It's the people who don't fish that have a problem, haha.

  8. I know exactly what you mean...living in Kansas I have to travel a minimum of 3 hours each way to get to any decent stream fishing. I only wish the price of gas would go down so I could afford to make a few more trips!!

  9. As always..thanks for sharing. I think most of us have a soft spot for dogs and that is a good looking black lab.

  10. Thanks Lynn...She's a real hoot to fish with , gets almost as excited as I do when a fish is hooked and wants to be a part of it all. And when you aren't catching enough fish for her liking she lets you know about it as well!!

  11. Obsessed / Dedicated / Enthusiastic....Those are fine lines. Maybe flip sides of the same coin. We'll know the fuel is getting to you when we start seeing that boat strapped to the roof of your new Prius and Joe crammed into the hatchback. Great trip.

  12. Awesome bronze backs.
    The dog seems to love it as much as anyone.

  13. Great looking trip, fish, and report as always brother. Can't wait to hook up sometime soon. Those Smallies are making me jealous.

  14. Nice catch you got there! I haven't been really fishing the last few months. I've been stuck here in the house on weekends for too long. I miss the sun brother!