Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad....Weekend TR

I had a three day weekend this last week and while I wish I could say I fished every waking moment, I had to make do with two out of three. The wife was out of town as well for a horse event , taking my best fishing buddy with her , so I had to make a few calls and find some willing participants to join me for my weekend travels.
One of the guys I work with had just purchased a pontoon recently and was itching to get it on some moving water. After a little discussion we decided on a plan to head South and fish a small creek I'd been wanting to float for awhile now but just havn't made it happen.
 photo P1080278_zpsa56bf850.jpg
I know better than to listen to the weather forecasters but I made the mistake of doing just that on this trip. The local news for the area we were headed was predicting scattered thunderstorms up until around 10:00 am on Friday morning so I made the call to leave KC a little later to hopefully miss the storms. Of course when we arrived at about 9:00 there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the heat was already beginning to build. After a couple of hours on the water we were both wishing we'd gotten a little earlier start to the day to avoid the heat , oh well , live and learn.
 photo P1080274_zpscc0bc14b.jpg
The fishing itself started out good and then slowed down towards the middle of the afternoon under the bright sun. I actually landed four smallies before we had even left the boat ramp, waiting for my buddy to get his boat figured out.
 photo P1080266_zps607df676.jpg
We caught lots of fish in the 8-12 inch range and a few others that really made the day.
 photo P1080287_zps8a39aaca.jpg
 photo P1080271_zps2c7bbe73.jpg
 photo P1080269_zps90e9c405.jpg
 photo P1080281_zps6505a84b.jpg
 photo P1080285_zpsba08104e.jpg
It was my first time on this creek and I was pretty impressed with the overall fishing. The fact that it was a nice Friday in the middle of June and we only saw two other canoes all day long impressed me even more than the fishing though. We took our time on the relatively short float and made a full day of it. My partner had plenty of time to get accustomed to his new boat and play around with it a little and I had lots of time for a relaxing streamside lunch and to just basically enjoy being out on the water.
 photo P1080289_zpsbf5d2750.jpg
 photo P1080298_zps6dc0173f.jpg
 photo P1080283_zpsafdea1c5.jpg
 photo P1080280_zps15cf7057.jpg
We saw several nice fish over the course of the day that we just couldn't convince to leave their shady holding areas to come out and play. I'll definitely be floating this one again , preferably on an overcast day to help minimize the effects of the skinny , clear water.
 photo P1080294_zps970d6694.jpg
 photo P1080296_zps896f00dc.jpg
 photo P1080288_zpse3e4e499.jpg
Day two I had originally planned to fish around one of the locals with a buddy , but unfortunately he had to cancel at the last minute due to other obligations. I debated about going anyway but then decided to stay around home and catch up a few of those chores that I should have done weeks ago , bah humbug! I did mangage to sit down at the tying desk for a few hours Saturday night at least , working up a few more smallmouth streamers for the next days excursion.
 photo P1080299_zps85d9cee9.jpg
 photo P1080302_zps2f5b7e98.jpg
Sunday was an early one , up at 3:00 and on the road by 3:30. After less sleep than what I would have liked , everything was a little fuzzy for the first hour or so of the drive.
 photo P1080306_zps23ff5d25.jpg
I finally pulled in to our decided upon meeting place just before 6:30 and we loaded gear in the boat and headed out.
 photo P1080307_zpsdd2ff0be.jpg
 photo P1080323_zps2098673b.jpg
Compared to Fridays short relaxing float , this one was going to be pushing the limits in the opposite direction. We'd done the eighteen miles in one day before , but never at these historically low flows that the river is experiencing right now. Our saving grace was the fact that we would be fishing out of my buddys new Towee boat , equipped with a rowing frame and a fifteen horse outboard for those long slow stretches you just want to get through in a hurry.
 photo P1080315_zpsaa52ce6b.jpg
It was my first chance to fish out of the Towee style boats and I was thoroughly impressed by the way it handled. After a short time on the oars you really wouldn't even know that you weren't in a drifter , except for that motor on the back. Which I might add saved our asses from a lot of back breaking oar pushing through some slow water sections.
As for the fishing , it was a tough day. We caught fish of course , quite a few small ones in the 10-12 inch range and a couple of others that helped really salvage the days fishing.
 photo P1080312_zps5993755c.jpg
 photo P1080316_zpsc6ad002d.jpg
 photo P1080318_zps84914b27.jpg
Between the low water levels and the bright sunny day , we had to work pretty hard for the fish we did catch. But hey , that's fishing. If it was easy every time you went out it would get old , right?? Maybe someday I'll get good enough at this to answer that question with some conviction , for now though I'll just have to guess and say yes.
We still had an enjoyable day on the water regardless of the tougher fishing conditions. Every time I got ready to comment on the slow fishing I just reminded myself that I could be back home cleaning the garage or mowing the yard. Yeah , it was a good day of fishing when you put it like that.
 photo P1080308_zpsa6b07029.jpg
 photo P1080317_zpsb3665be8.jpg
 photo P1080325_zpsa90a6903.jpg
I didn't take many pics of the days events simply because there wasn't much time for it. With eighteen miles of river to navigate before sundown you were either rowing or fishing all day long , not much time for anything else.
 photo P1080326_zps8b2d1235.jpg
We were pulling off the water just before 7:00 Sunday night. Tired , sunburned and smiling from ear to ear after another weekend spent chasing Ozark smallies. It was time to add a few more bug splatters to the windshield on the long drive home and finish up the last few remaining hours of the three day weekend.
 photo P1080331_zpscc3abd33.jpg


  1. looks like 2 days well spent for you. :) the last shot cracked me up. (and grossed me out.)

    1. I just had to throw that last windshield shot in there. Believe it or not that was only two days worth of traveling on that windshield!

  2. That's a lot of activity in two days.
    Well done.a

  3. That is a lot of traveling and fishing in two days but I'd like to try it once.

    1. By the time I made it in to work on Monday morning I was ready for a weekend so I could relax!!

  4. Incredible picture in number (7) from the beginning of your post. Striking resemblance in fish and fly (eye). What an enjoyable trip it was. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

    1. Thanks Mel...I hadn't noticed the close resemblance , that is pretty cool.

  5. Beautiful water, nice fish. You make me eager for our river to come down enough to get on. Somehow I'm in the mood for some smallies..

    1. Thanks Jim...We are at the opposite end of the spectrum down here , we could really use some water in most of our rivers that I've been fishing.

  6. I have quite a few chores that need my attention, but it's just too damn nice out! ha

    That's a ton of work you put in over those 2 days, but it all looks well worth it to me. I was just talking to my buddy while we were away on a trip this past weekend, and when he kept bringing up our old Current River trips, I could not help but to think about all the pictures you post of your trips.

    1. I totally agree with you Justin...work should never be done when it's nice enough outside to be fishing! The current is one river I havn't smallie fished yet , spent lots of time on the upper section trout fishing though. Unfortunately it has the same issue as most of the other Ozark streams...too crowded with canoers to fish much this time of year on a weekend.

    2. Indeed. It does get some heavy traffic. It's a beautiful river. All the rivers in your area are great. So much water, but never enough time to explore them.

  7. Awesome trip. If I can ever get myself away from the Ozarks, Little Red River, or Grand Isle I'd really like to test those MO streams...beautiful looking water and smallies.

    1. Thanks...The fishing is starting to get a little tougher with the hot summer weather patterns and the low water conditions but it's still not too bad.

  8. looks like some nice quiet waters to spend some time fishing. nice smallies. i'll be hitting the rivers here for smallies this weekend.

    1. Thank you sir....Hope you had a great weekend and were able to find a few smallies to play around with!