Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mid-Week Float Trip...Food for the Soul

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I won't lie and tell you some sad story about how long it's been since I've been on the water, I don't expect I'd get any more symapathy from my readers than I do the wife when I start complaining. It's not that I havn't been fishing or even that the fishing hasn't been good for that matter. These last two weeks of wiper and white bass fishing have been off the charts and I've thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. That being said , anyone who's ever picked up a flyrod and spent enough time with it to really get what it's all about, will probably tell you the same thing I'm about to's not all about catching fish. I love catching just as much as the next guy, I've been known to qoute the famous old phrase "It's just good to be out here" but I'm not sure that I ever really mean it! It wasn't the fishing or the catching that I was missing so much as it was that precious time on the water where everything else is forgotten and you can finally re-charge your soul. Evening trips to the lake after work are great but they just aren't long enough to rid your sytem of all that bad ju-ju accumulated in everyday life.
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Between the wet Spring weather and the great fishing these last couple weeks around home I just havn't gotten out and floated my favorite smallie streams near as often this year as I had hoped for. Luckily for me, it's a problem that's easily fixed. With the holiday weekend fastly approaching and my work schedule requiring me to be on-shift for two-thirds of it I made the last minute decision to load up the boat and head South for a couple days of smallmouth fishing.
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From my perspective there's no problem that a river, a boat , a flyrod , a cooler full of beer and a couple days to enjoy all of those things can't fix.
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I will say that the weather could have been just a little nicer for my two days of fishing, I think I might have broken a sweat once while dragging my boat up on an island for lunch and it rained for half an hour the first afternoon. The river was a little crowded as well, I saw three kayakers and two canoes in two days. As for the fishing, I would have liked for the fish to be a little bigger. And there were stretches where I made numerous casts without catching a fish to my great dismay.
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I have to admit though , I feel totally rejuvenated after spending two days floating one of my favorite streams, what can I say...sometimes it's good just be out there.
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Hope you all have a great holiday weekend...I know I did!


  1. good for you, getting your weekend in early!

    1. Unfortunately my actual weekend will be spent working. The wife and Joe are headed West this morning to spend 5 days horseback riding at a big ranch in the Flint least someone in the family will be having fun!

  2. "From my perspective there's no problem that a river, a boat , a flyrod , a cooler full of beer and a couple days to enjoy all of those things can't fix." Amen!! ~DT

  3. ^^I had the same thought but he beat me to it. That needs to be on a post card or calendar! You had the same though I did...get out on the water before the holiday. I think you actually saw more people...I never saw anyone on the water! That looked like a fantastic trip...if it's not considered epic...what is?! Awesome man!

    1. Thanks was just what the Dr ordered. Ever since seeing your smallie trip post I've been seriously itching to get out and get after it. I won't be quite as disgruntled at work this weekend now!

  4. "From my perspective there's no problem that a river, a boat , a flyrod , a cooler full of beer and a couple days to enjoy all of those things can't fix."

    Truer words were never spoken. Top that off with some good food, some nice fish and a pretty stream and you've described heaven.

    1. Thanks's pretty amazing what a few days floating down a river can do for a mans soul. And to think that folks pay good money to psychologists to listen to all of their problems...they'd be better off saving that cash and buying a boat and a flyrod. (then again , we might not want all those crazies out on the water!!)

  5. You know something Jeff, I just had a great weekend. Thanks for taking me along.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Alan. You and I are alot alike , doesn't take much to make for a good outing. Some nice scenery , a few fish and a good meal usually do the trick.

  6. Amazing trip and another amazing post! The smallies hung out with ya and you had those moments of solitude that brought it all home! Look forward to the next trip! Tightlines!

    1. Thanks man , appreciate it. I always enjoy those float days where your only worry is whether or not you have enough beer in the cooler to make it to the takeout!

  7. Nice Catches!
    Have we shared "menu on the river"?? You and I share so many foods. Yes, we need "food for souls" while/after fishing.

    1. Sounds like an idea for a flyfishing cookbook...I've seen kickstarter fund ideas with a lot less merit , maybe we should look into it!!