Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Springtime Bassin...Weekend Report

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I had one of my long 4 day weekends this past week and with the nice weather managed to get out on 3 of those days to hit the water. I had some things going on at home which precluded me from taking off and making an extended trip but that didn't mean I still couldn't find a place close by to wet a line.
Friday I met up with a good friend and we drove an hour South to a private farm with several ponds and small lakes spread throughout.
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He has permission to fish the area and I'd been wanting to go down and try my luck at some of the largemouth bass I'd heard about from his forays in the last couple of years.
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The weather was beautiful, the beer was cold and we found plenty of bass to keep us entertained over the course of the day. Nothing says Summer like largemouth bass and farm ponds!
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Saturday the only water I got close to was coming out the end of a hose , as in watering the newly planted flowers and vegetables that the wife had picked up at the nursery the previous evening. The water was calling me but I just had too many things to get done around the house it seemed. Oh well...there's always tomorrow.
Sunday the wife and I had plans to meet some friends at their farm over on the Missouri side , everyone else was taking off to do a little trail riding on some of the local equestrian trails which left Joe and I to venture off on our own and find somewhere to fish.
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About 10 minutes from our friends house we found a small Missouri state fishing lake that was just what the doctor ordered. We didn't really fish very much but we had a good time just hiking around the lake and enjoying another beautiful Spring day. A couple of bluegill and a small bass were the only results of our fishing endeavors but that didn't stop either one of us from enjoying a beautiful afternoon.
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Monday rolled around and I was lucky enough to get the call from another buddy who wanted to head South and try our luck at some smallie action for the day. As much as I would have liked to hang around the house and get some more chores done...a guy's gotta have some priorities!
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I met Raz and Sean at the access around 8:30 and we pushed the boat off on another glorious Ozarks day.
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This was our first float down the river this year and it was fun just to see how much Mother Nature had changed things in the off-season. Many of our favorite holes were no longer there to our great dissapointment, luckily for every spot that dissapeared there were several more new ones to take it's place. The problem was we had to figure out which of the new spots were holding fish.
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We didn't light the world on fire but we had enough action to make it well worth the three hour drive one way. We didn't catch any big fish on this trip although we saw a few of them hanging around.
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We threw streamers all day and refrained from dredging the deep holes and picking fish off of beds , I'd say almost all of our fish were smaller males that weren't in the spawning process and therefore still in the eating mood.
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The weekend might not have been filled with exciting destinations and big fish, but when it was all said and done it turned out to be a pretty good weekend on the water.
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  1. hi, joe!!! just love your boy! :) looks like a great weekend, all around!

    1. Thanks Theresa...the whole family had a great weekend actually. Joe and I got to do some hiking and a little fishing and the wife got to spend an afternoon traipsing around the hills on her horse. Win-Win for everybody!

  2. Sounds like a productive weekend. You covered some ground and caught a boat load of quality fish. I'm sure you're itching to get back on the smallies, I know I am. It was a long winter but spring has been fun!

    1. It was quite a mix of fishing opportunities this weekend for sure. I really enjoyed the largemouth fishing especially , we must have caught 50 bass apiece throughout the day. Even though alot of them were on the smallish side it was still a total blast and I can't wait to go back and do it again.

  3. Puts me in a summer mood. Beautiful river!

    1. I'm with ya Jim. I watched a show yesterday about fly fishing for smallies on the John Day River out in your neck of the bucket list destination!

  4. Sam Adam's a bit of New England on the high plains.
    I love the shape of that wet streamer.

    1. I take a little bit of New England with me almost everywhere I go I guess...I'm a big Sam Adams fan.
      Thanks Alan...the fish seemed to approve of it as well. My buddy thought the colors were a little bright but the fish proved him wrong!

  5. That water looks great! I think the biggest largemouth I ever caught was at a farm pond. How fun~

    1. It's hard to beat a farm pond for just plain fishing enjoyment. Not much water to figure out so the fish are easy to find and generally speaking they always seem to be on the feed. If those ponds were a little closer to home the yard would never get mowed!

  6. some of those bass look hefty. always nice to relax at a farm pond once in awhile instead of fighting the current. nice catches.

    1. Thanks...I agree , definitely a litle slower pace. No technical fishing... just a rod, a good pair of walking boots and a small box of flies.

  7. Wow, what a great 4 day weekend. The weather looked perfect, and the fish cooperated! That looks like a very hungry bluegill haha

    1. Thanks Justin...I always enjoy bass fishing , whether for largemouth or smallmouth. Kind of nice to stay close to home and still have a couple of good days!