Monday, February 7, 2011

Bugs from the Bench: " Psycho Prince"

The other night after work I had a couple hours to sit at the bench and do a little tying. On my latest trip, down on the NFOW, the fly that seemed to produce best for me was a Psycho Prince in purple.
This wasn't a case of me figuring out what the fish wanted but more a case of doing a little googling for hot patterns on the water I was going to fish. One fly that seemed to be at the top of almost all of the lists was either the Prince or Psycho Prince. I have to admit this isn't a fly I keep stocked in my flybox , although maybe I should after seeing the results. Before the trip I tied up about half a dozen Psycho Princes using purple and peacock ice dubbing.
Purple was a color commonly mentioned and I've had success with several other purple nymph variations over the years so it was an obvious choice.
Needless to say I only returned with one of the six Princes still in my flybox , having left the rest littered among the moss covered rocks in the NFOW river. When I sat down at my fly tying desk the materials needed were still scattered around the desktop from my last tying session so I decided now would be a good time to tie up a few more. I pretty much follow the original pattern on this one , pretty simple tie and it seems to work well. I did experiment with a few more colors of ice dub for the abdomen , claret and caddis green both produced a good looking fly that I think will catch fish equally well.
One thing I know for sure, there's always gonna be a row in my nymph box with some prince variations when I hit the water in the future.

Here's the pattern that I use for my Psycho Prince tie :
Hook.....Mustad R73-9671 Streamer Hook - sz#14
Bead.....Gold Tungsten or bead of choice
Thread... 6/0 Black Uni-Thread
Tail....Brown or Black Goose Biots
Rib....Hot yellow Ultra-Wire
Abdomen...Purple Ice Dubbing or color of choice
Shellback...Peacock Herl
Thorax...Peacock Ice Dubbing
Wingpads...White Goose Biots


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  1. Great setup you got there!!!!!! I love the colors of those flies! Like your blog. I just started following