Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lazy Lake Afternoon

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Got an afternoon earlier this week to throw my buddy in the backseat and hit a small local lake close to the house. Nothing exciting, didn't even really fish much. Dabbled around with an indicator and a small wooly bugger close to shore and landed a few small crappie, bluegill and green sunfish. Just a beautiful afternoon to kick back and relax with my best friend.....
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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Little Bit of Ozark Goodness...Weekend TR

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A couple days off after a long, tiring week...a river that's on limited days, enjoying it's last few weeks of solitude before the partying masses corrupt it's identity for the season...a forecast for mostly cloudy afternoons with highs approaching 75 degrees and crisp, cool mornings...and an itch that's just dying to be scratched.
Those were the events that conspired to find me floating lazily down one of my favorite stretches of smallmouth water with nothing else on my plate for the next 36 hours. Making sure that the beer stayed cold and the flies stayed wet were the two top priorities foremost in my mind for the foreseeable future.
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The river was in a very generous mood once again, giving up several fish that left my hands shaking and knees weak.
The fish of the weekend came midday on Friday, floating through a nice medium depth fast water run. I was stripping a DD through a particularly inviting looking trough when I saw a dark flash accompanied by an instant bend in my rod. I knew it was a decent fish from the brief glimpse but figured another solid 16 inch stud. About this time the fish cartwheels out of the water, clearing the surface by a good two feet. Its a good thing I was wet wading because I'm pretty sure I pissed myself just a little. 25 yards downstream and another circus like jump later I had a beautiful 18 3/4 inch fish in the net.
 photo P4152709_zpsevu7edfn.jpg
I would have swore she was 20 if she had spit the fly after that first jump, but first impressions aside it was probably the best battle I've waged with a smallie in several years.
True Ozark beauty...
 photo P4152714_zpshz4f3sjs.jpg
 photo P4152717_zpss3hcbbe6.jpg
 photo P4152718_zpsltrgjaxj.jpg
The river was still empty of floaters and the water levels were pretty much perfect for the stretch I was floating.
Two days of floating on two different rivers, broken up by an evening of sitting around the fire while listening to the whipoorwills and tree frogs fill the night with their raucious chorus. The kind of trip that's good for the soul.
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 photo P4152752_zpsnkdtjpb9.jpg
The natural beauty of the Ozarks never fails to amaze me, offering up new vistas on each visit...
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Happy Hour...
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Happier Hour...
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The locals...
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My menu planning is pretty simplified. Fried chicken for breakfast, fried chicken for lunch and some form of red meat on the grill for dinner...
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Maybe the best part of warmwater fishing...
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Grand exits...
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

River Walk

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Just a few shots from last weekend. The family got out for some R&R and enjoyed a little of the nice weather we've been experiencing here lately. We spent one day checking out an Ozark river that I have yet to fish, but after seeing it in person I fully intend to remedy that situation before the year is over.
 photo P4092654_zpsfz1gopwz.jpg
No fish pics if that's what you're hoping for unfortunately, other than a few casts after a nice streamside lunch it was a weekend for family time.
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