Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wyoming RoadTrip Part 2...Stoneflies , Cutthroats and Blood-Sucking Mosquitos

Friday found most folks moving a little slower than normal , for obvious reasons. Everyone was still up and stirring at a respectable hour of the morning but it took a few extra cups of coffee to jumpstart the brain functions that were put on hold by the previous evenings festivities.
 photo P1060480_zpscf31edd8.jpg
We sat around and divvied up spots for the day , discussing game plans and who was fishing with who until the motivation of actually fishing finally kicked in. With the surrounding rivers now clearing up and getting back to normal levels we had our choice of waters and decided to spend our second day on the river that ran below camp. While the water was still off-color down where we were at , we'd been told that up higher on the drainage the water was still clear and fishable.
After a quick breakfast consisting of a granola bar and a diet pepsi , Kevin and I headed upriver about thirty miles to the section we intended to focus our efforts on today. The headwaters of this particular river start out in Yellowstone and we had no desire to deal with the vacationing crowds we were witness to in a steady parade of RV's down the highway so we started fishing a few miles downstream of the park.
This river runs through a valley that more closely resembled my pre-concieved ideas about what Wyoming would look like.
 photo P1060404_zps5eb83552.jpg
The river was considerably smaller up here and we began our day catching a few small brookies and cutts on hopper patterns.
 photo P1060406_zps3f2921da.jpg
 photo P1060402_zpsae56bdb8.jpg
Moving downstream the waters grew , as did the fish themselves. Before long the brookies were replaced with rainbows and cutthroats that wouldn't think twice about making those same small brook trout their next meal of the day.
 photo P1060425_zps749c6993.jpg
 photo P1060413_zps593932f5.jpg
 photo P1060414_zps38f9c12f.jpg
 photo P1060438_zps3bf659c3.jpg
I'm not going to tell you that all of the fish we caught were big , they weren't , in some places of the country I suppose none of the fish we caught would be considered big. That being said , for a couple of midwestern guys the sight of a 16" cutt slamming a size #6 stonefly as it touches down on the waters surface is pure nirvana.
 photo P1060469_zpsda1e9524.jpg
 photo P1060478_zps783acc10.jpg
Even the smaller fish put on a good show , jumping and fighting harder than anything I've had the pleasure of playing with on my home waters. The fact that these fish spend a good part of their time in the lake fattening up and then move into the river where they are constantly dealing with strong currents simply makes these fish total studs!
 photo P1060424_zps3dfc0218.jpg
 photo P1060454_zpsd277f598.jpg
The previous day I'd caught my first Yellowstone Cutthroat and another first was chalked up today , the mountain whitefish. I'm fully aware of what most trout fishermen think of the whitefish but I was totally stoked to catch several of them out of some of the deeper holes. A whitefish eating your nymph may not be nearly as exciting as a cutthroat on a dry , but they do put up a pretty dogged battle for their size.
 photo P1060432_zps255b9ad1.jpg
We worked our way downstream throughout the day , catching fish out of pretty much every hole that looked like it should hold one. By the end of the second day of fishing I was beginning to realize that this roadtrip was going to ruin me for awhile once I got back home. I truly love many of my homewaters around the Ozarks , but in comparison to these Wyoming waters , there just is no comparison.
 photo P1060442_zps8ac440ed.jpg
Pretty much the whole gang had showed by the time we got back to camp that evening. The rest of the night was spent making more introductions , talking fishing and just generally having a hell of a good time. The only part of the evening we could have done without was the incessant attack of the numerous Wyoming mosquitos! We tried every brand of bug spray we could round up but in the end the only answer was to build a big ass fire and stand as close to the smoke and flames as possible. I'm pretty sure I left a pint of blood in Wyoming by the end of the trip.
Saturday morning dawned another beautiful day as the sun peaked over the surrounding mountains.
 photo P1060595_zpsf49af0a2.jpg
After knocking the cobwebs out of our heads with some coffee and a bacon sandwich , plans were again made for the days fishing. After a little discussion we had a gameplan to work with , Kevin and I were going to head over to a stream about an hour away with Jeff and Sam and try our luck with some small stream cutts. This place is a little off the beaten path and requires a bit of a backcountry drive to reach but the scenery and resulting fishing make it all worthwhile.
 photo P1060519_zps72e26959.jpg
After arriving we geared up and hit the trail heading upstream , the plan being to hike up as far as we intended to fish and then work our way back down to the trucks.
 photo P1060487_zpsc85f37a7.jpg
A beautiful stream in a big , wild valley that just happens to be full of hungry Yellowstone Cutthroat. It just doesn't get much better than that!
 photo P1060489_zps54ce42ff.jpg
These fish were a little smaller on average than the fish in the bigger rivers but they made up for it with their aggressiveness to slam a dryfly. It only took about 10 minutes on the water to realize that a dropper was unneccessary , a few big foam stoneflys and some 3x tippet were all the tools required to be successful here.
 photo P1060497_zpsa7bc21df.jpg
 photo P1060499_zps34f44daa.jpg
We worked our way downstream , taking turns being the point guy as we moved along hitting all of the likely looking spots. Everyone was catching fish , several times I would look up or downstream and see more than one rod bent over around me.
 photo P1060508_zpsdb12efde.jpg
 photo P1060503_zps0317e3cd.jpg
 photo P1060498_zpsa943a819.jpg
It's hard to beat spending a day sharing a special location such as this with several close friends. I would guess that we were on the water for about six hours before we came back into view of the felt like 45 minutes! I'm pretty sure no one was ready for the day to end at that point but we still had a long drive back to camp and that cooler full of refreshments was sounding pretty good again by this time.
 photo P1060505_zps5b68656c.jpg
Normally I'm a dawn to dusk fisherman , hell I've had guys practically have to drag me off the river before! I have to admit though that a big part of what made this trip special was meeting new friends and spending time each evening sharing stories and good times. The fishing was spectacular for sure , but the social gathering at the end of the day was definitely looked forward to each night. Good friends + Good fishing = Great times!!
Sunday was the last day for most of the guys before heading back in whatever direction home was. Kevin and I hung around camp saying good-byes and making future fishing plans with our new friends as tents were taken down and vehicles packed up for the day. We were only halfway through our trip and looking forward to what the rest of the week held for us instead of thinking about the trip home. One of our new friends , Sam , planned to fish for most of the day before heading back home so we invited him to join us until he had to leave. After camp cleared out for the most part we loaded up and hit the road for the next valley over and a new body of water. It's amazing how one area can look so much different than another , even though only a few miles may separate them. This drainage looked more like something I can picture in Alaska than Wyoming.
 photo P1060555_zpsecfa7e56.jpg
Lots of braids and glacial colored water snaking down through a huge valley , I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when I first laid eyes on it.
 photo P1060544_zpsdab0786d.jpg
We'd been told that this drainage held Browns , Cutts , Rainbows and Brookies...a veritable smorgasbord of goodness just waiting to be sampled! After gearing up and making a plan we started the mile hike which would bring us to the section of water running through the national forest that we intended to fish. The views from this valley are just magnificent in all directions and I would have been happy just to spend the day enjoying the scenery.
 photo P1060567_zps44dd9299.jpg
Of course anyone who knows me at all will tell you that's not exactly true , I've been known to have a hard time putting down the flyrod when I'm in close proximity to a body of water. That "one last cast" can often take hours.
When we reached the river the three of us spread out and began working our way upstream. In the first half hour or so I landed a cutthroat , a brown , a brookie and a whitefish all out of the same head of a big pool.
 photo P1060536_zps3516adb7.jpg
 photo P1060527_zps2ed8e0f5.jpg
I'd seen both Kevin and Sam with their rods bent as well during that time and can almost assure you that their smile was as big as mine. We continued to stick fish regularly as we made our way upriver , thinking the whole time that the fishing would only get better the farther we got from the trailhead.
 photo P1060561_zpscf1898f9.jpg
 photo P1060553_zps51e7d891.jpg
We had just taken a short break from the action and were getting set to move on when we realized we had some company in the way of other fly fishermen. As much as we wanted to stay in front of this group (four guys) it just wasn't gonna happen , they were on horses. To our dismay they rode right past us and then started staggering themselves out for the next 1/2 mile above us. We cussed them of course , called them lazy horse riding city fuks that probably couldn't walk twenty yards from the trailhead without getting winded. The real kicker was that they started fishing within sight of us , hell they could have ridden another mile up the drainage and gave us some room to continue fishing upstream and we would have been happy. Luckily for them we were feeling generous on this day and decided to just turn around and start fishing back downstream instead of yanking them off their horses and holding their heads underwater! As it turned out their were probably just as many willing fish back downstream as where we were headed , but then again we'll never know. We continued to catch fish until around 3:00 when Sam decided he'd better hit the road.
 photo P1060588_zps80eaa612.jpg
 photo P1060558_zps0f66b571.jpg
 photo P1060564_zps3d51613b.jpg
 photo P1060531_zps098cae7f.jpg
Kevin and I fished for another hour maybe and then we started the hike back to the truck for the hour drive back to camp. As we were loading up gear in the parking lot we both decided that this would be our destination for our last day in Wyoming , it just seemed too perfect of a place not to return again before leaving.
 photo P1060547_zps8ed2af94.jpg
That evening was the first time that we didn't have a big group of guys with us at camp , just the antelope and the magpies (and those damn mosquitos!).
 photo P1060572_zps655593ce.jpg
We had a quiet , laidback evening for the first time since we had arrived. A BBQ brisket sandwich and a couple side dishes made up the evenings dinner.
 photo P1060570_zps3034bd16.jpg
Afterwards we kicked back with a cigar and a cold beverage to end the day perfectly. Two more days left to take in the scenery and acquaint ourselves with the locals before the adventure comes to an end...
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Monday, July 29, 2013

7/17 - 7/25 Wyoming RoadTrip Part 1......New Friends and New Waters

It seems as though it's been forever since my last blog post , and looking back at the date on the header, that feeling is pretty justified. My only excuse is a nine day roadtrip from the plains of Kansas to the Wild West of Wyoming that I just recently finished up. With the planning , packing , tying , lying and everything else involved to make the trip happen I havn't had much time to spend posting on my own blog or even perusing the sites of my many favorite bloggers. That being said , all of the time was well rewarded with a great trip out West that I won't soon forget.
 photo P1060583_zps6c0ad3b9.jpg
Wednesday morning Kevin and I pulled out of the driveway around 5:00 and started the long trek that would eventually lead us to the town of Cody , Wyoming. The plan was to meet up with some guys from the Drake for a couple days of fishing and debauchery and then spend a few extra days exploring the area and fishing some of the local waters after the others left.
 photo P1060329_zps02d815ec.jpg
The trip out was uneventful , long and boring being two other adjectives that fit the general description! If you've never driven across the entire state of Nebraska followed up by endless miles of nothing as you traverse the state of Wyoming from Cheyenne to're really not missing a damn thing! In all honesty I didn't realize we still had those kinds of places left in this country until I drove across Wyoming , you know , 100's of miles of desolate land with no towns , houses or services of any kind. While I much prefer wide open country to the congestion of the city , one can only stare out the window at dirt , rock and sagebrush for so long before losing interest.
The original plan was to make the drive in two days and show up at the Trout Creek group campground on Thursday around noon. Somewhere just outside of Casper the executive decision was made to push on and make it a one day trip. I think we were both so tired of being in the car we just didn't want to postpone the misery , better to get the suffering out of the way all at once.
Finally , just outside the town of Thermopolis , the scenery began to change for the better and we got our first glimpse of just some of the waters that had been haunting our dreams for the past couple months.
 photo P1060336_zps6bfa2c7e.jpg
This little glimpse of what lay in store for us during the next week made the last couple of hours go by just a little bit faster for sure. After a little difficulty locating the campground in the dark we managed to pull into camp around 10:00 that night. Seventeen hours and 1300 miles later we were finally home for the next week! We weren't the first to arrive and joined Willi , Bruce and Mark under the group shelter for a few beers and fish talk before everyone called it a night. Not feeling like setting up tents after the long day, Kevin and I threw our cots under the shelterhouse and crashed for a few hours , thinking of the waters and fish that awaited us the next day.
Thursday morning we awoke to a beautiful Wyoming day and after unloading the truck and getting our tents set up we started making plans for our first day of fishing. Unfortunately our plans were quickly changed when we got word that a storm up in the mountains the previous evening had blown out two of the rivers we had come to fish. Luckily the area is in close proximity to many different waters on various drainages and with some help from Mark (the "local" who so graciously set up this shindig and then played guide / babysitter to our group of fish bums) we were soon standing ankle deep in some fishy looking water.
 photo P1060364_zps1c6bb3bb.jpg
We'd been told to bring big foam stones or hoppers and some heavy nymphs to drop off the back as a dropper so that's what our plan of attack was to be. It didn't take long to hook up with one of the locals and before the morning was over the combination of beautiful scenery and willing fish had Kevin and I both smiling like kids in a candy store!
 photo P1060360_zps9d895976.jpg
 photo P1060373_zpse333e664.jpg
The fishing was pretty consistent in this first river for mainly rainbows with a few cutts and cut-bows thrown in as well.
 photo P1060356_zpse6b9fb03.jpg
 photo P1060388_zps397731fc.jpg
It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what was on the fishes menu , all a guy had to do was look around at any of the streamside rocks.
 photo P1060393_zpsfa5ccf54.jpg
We fished a couple different accesses throughout the day , stopping for a quick sandwich around lunch , and then heading back out to camp as evening rolled around. A few others had filtered into camp throughout the day and the party was just kicking into gear when we pulled in. After a few more introductions and several adult beverages the rest of the evening becomes kind of a blur , it's probably better that I don't recall the evenings events anyway. A little sage advice stolen from our friends over in sin-city pertains here as well...what happens at a Drake Bake , stays at a Drake Bake!
The first day of fishing just whet our appetites and tomorrow we get serious about catching a few fish....
 photo P1060396_zps6a26dd24.jpg

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rolling Down the River....A Belated TR

I should have had this up a few days ago , but it's been hectic and I just havn't had the time until today. Last week I got out with fellow bloggers and good friends Kevin ( and Brian ( to try our luck at a little smallmouth fishing before the weekend crowds hit.
I'd been wanting to get out on moving water to test out my new standing platform for my pontoon boat and the river we chose was perfect. Built by a friend and co-worker it was even better than I expected. The ability to stand up and cast will open up lots of opportunities for me with this boat , I'm digging it.
 photo P1060316_zps5e8631f7.jpg
 photo P1060317_zps451a19e4.jpg
The water was low and clear , typical summertime conditions for the Ozarks small streams and rivers. The fishing was great for numbers but not so much on quality. We all caught good numbers of smallies but we just weren't able to put the net under anything of much size. Of course a few decent fish were lost , but that's another story. Oh , and you know that comment about beating the weekend crowd...we didn't. By noon it was a total circus and you had to plan your casting lanes around canoes and kayaks filled with the typical crowd. Such is life this time of year on most Ozarks rivers.
Regardless of the less than ideal conditions it was good times with good friends on another beautiful Ozarks stream. Here's a few pictures that sum it up pretty nicely.....
 photo P1060274_zps18975fb3.jpg
 photo P1060283_zpsdfe1535c.jpg
 photo P1060301_zpsc727780d.jpg
 photo P1060297_zpsb6c071e7.jpg
 photo P1060298_zps2b60d199.jpg

 photo P1060304_zpsa4cd693b.jpg
 photo P1060306_zps5733c93f.jpg
 photo P1060310_zpsaf86e176.jpg
 photo P1060309_zpsf99f0233.jpg
 photo P1060312_zps3a9cac17.jpg