Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summertime Smallmouth Fix

This trip is actually a week late in getting posted, the week before the 4th was hectic at work and then when Friday rolled around the wife and I packed up the camping gear, loaded Joe in the backseat and headed to one of our favorite lakes for a relaxing three day weekend. Oh well, better late than never!
 photo P6281587_zpspexwfv2m.jpg
Anyway, this trip went down the last weekend in June with several of my good fishing buddies. We've all been lamenting the rains and the flooding that accompanies it which have been happening almost every weekend here in this part of the country. Countless trips have had to be cancelled due to water levels so when things finally dried out for a few days calls were made and plans hashed out. Seeing as the river we intended to fish is also a major float river here in the Ozarks we decided on a plan of action which had us putting boats on the water at the crack of dawn and finishing up around noon.
 photo P6281570_zpsavf2fn39.jpg
 photo P6281577_zpsnaczymzu.jpg
 photo P6271555_zpsiymhuhmt.jpg
After an afternoon of relaxing back at the cabin and a good dinner we would spend the last few hours of the day back on the water again , hopefully minus a crowd of floaters.
 photo P6271560_zps8kx6sebf.jpg
 photo P6271566_zpsdohday3f.jpg
The plan went off without a hitch and we were able to get in some good fishing with little to no interference from the aluminum hatch. The fishing was still a little off in my opinion, decent numbers of fish were caught by everyone (including a few on topwater bugs) but the up and down water levels of the past two months still seemed to have them in kind of a funk when compared to previous years. The river we fished was still slowly dropping from one of these events on the weekend we were there, which I have a feeling didn't help the bite any.
 photo P6271550_zpsmaiflzhe.jpg
 photo P6271553_zpsma3u8vvf.jpg
Regardless of the water levels or numbers of fish caught, everyone was just glad to be back on the water chasing one of our favorite fish. Not much else to tell so I'll let a few pictures do the rest of the talking...4 guys, two gods, two drifters and a river full of smallies!
 photo P6281589_zpse1soz8hs.jpg
 photo P6271544_zpsy6cwxpa5.jpg
 photo P6281591_zpsrunxogzn.jpg
 photo P6271546_zpsndgxzdpa.jpg
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