Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall Break

As kids we grow up looking forward to both Spring Break and Summer Break for most of our lives, and then we grow up and they yank the rug out from under us. I look back now with fond memories of Spring Break fishing trips with my Father and long Summer vacations spent at the lake cabin with my Grandfather, chasing fish with almost every spare minute we had. These days my breaks have to come in the form of vacation days spent and I always try to plan a stretch of days in early Fall to get out and enjoy my favorite time of year. This past week was my annual "Fall Break" and I managed to get out on several separate occasions to get my boots wet. No real story, just time spent enjoying the weather, some good company and the brief chance to spend some time doing what I love.
Here's a couple of pics to sum up the week nicely...
 photo P5081011_zps9gto6nea.jpg
 photo P5081019_zpsuuvrjllw.jpg
 photo P5091062_zpsdiw441ph.jpg
 photo P5141105_zpscsvp3clx.jpg
 photo P9261702_zpskioztcie.jpg
 photo PA011710_zpsyo4qqf02.jpg
 photo PA011714_zpssly3yftx.jpg
 photo PA011717_zpsnqndtdhi.jpg
 photo P5191249_zpsjht9hxi6.jpg
 photo PA011725_zpsx8xslz1f.jpg
 photo PA011713_zpsksmgq74z.jpg
 photo PA061728_zpsz1pytfuw.jpg
 photo PA061731_zpsvjwh22i3.jpg
 photo PA071738_zpst65xkasr.jpg
 photo PA071741_zpsmumurshg.jpg
 photo PA071745_zpso0kopzjn.jpg
 photo PA071748_zpsc2fnbpy8.jpg
 photo PA071742_zps1a5t14mu.jpg
 photo PA081767_zpszgmbdva5.jpg
 photo PA061735_zpstm9xnkih.jpg
 photo PA081768_zpsq3wyr5n8.jpg
 photo PA071749_zpsmqtmx22y.jpg
 photo PA071750_zpsrof6s9xl.jpg
 photo PA071759_zps4akoitrb.jpg
 photo PA071757_zps4syh1lhd.jpg


  1. Great photos of a great time of year. Nice Brown!

    1. Thanks Jim...Wouldn't it be great if we could just skip Winter and have 6 months of Fall!

  2. Isn't it too bad that being a grown up with all it's rights and privileges doesn't come with more mandatory time off to fish? Enjoyed the photos Jeff, thanks and don't be a stranger. I need my fix.

    1. My sentiments exactly Howard! We need to do something about that issue.
      My fixes have been too few here lately unfortunately, I've got a big trip coming up here in a couple of weeks and will probably be busy getting ready for that one for the foreseeable future.

  3. Replies
    1. It wouldn't be half as much fun without them along!! I tell folks all the time...some of my best friends just happen to be dogs.