Monday, November 25, 2013

Driftboats , Streamers and Meat Eating Browns...My Favorite Time of the Year

 photo P1070328_zps05bea024.jpg
I got a call last week from a good buddy asking if I was interested in doing a little floating and streamer hucking on one of the Ozarks finest over the weekend. If you've been following my blog at all I'm sure you could guess my answer to that question...duh!
We made plans to meet up Friday morning for a couple days of fishing , hoping to get the streamer season started off with a bang and stick a few meat-eating browns. The weather couldn't have been any better for what we had planned...heavily overcast skies with a cold wind that made it really feel like winter for the first time this year. Between the weather and the fact that rifle deer season was in full swing we ended up having the river to ourselves the entire weekend , just how we like it.
The fish cooperated nicely and there wasn't any shortage of action on the trip. While we missed a couple of opportunities on bigger fish (yeah..the big guys always get away) we didn't move as many large fish as we hoped for. That magical mark on the tape didn't see any action on this trip but the consistent chases and eats from smaller fish kept you on your A-game anytime you were in the knee braces. With streamer fishing it's always about that next cast...
We drank one too many beers and probably smoked a few too many cigars as well , all while chucking big meaty streamers on a beautiful Ozark river...if I need to say more then you wouldn't understand anyway.
I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story , a great weekend for sure and we vowed to make it happen again sooner than later.
 photo P1070316_zps2ab92eaf.jpg
 photo P1070318_zps4a0094fd.jpg
 photo P1070334_zps87c541d0.jpg
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Until next time.....keep your flies wet!