Wednesday, January 13, 2016

First Trip of 2016

High, off-colored water...flood ravaged river accesses...winter storms moving into the area...sounds like the perfect conditions to sneak in the first trip of 2016!
 photo P1082158_zpsojwxo8zl.jpg
 photo P1092185_zpsokuirp3v.jpg
 photo P1082159_zpslnqaddgg.jpg
 photo P1082169_zpsbedsqri7.jpg
 photo P1082162_zps2esnajzf.jpg
 photo P1082176_zpstacrp3uo.jpg
 photo P1092188_zpsvuvwiyp6.jpg
 photo P1082177_zpsabqwslto.jpg
 photo P1092190_zps4eantyq0.jpg
 photo P1092193_zpst81ddhab.jpg
 photo P1082179_zpslohpkprx.jpg