Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bugs from the Bench....Smallmouth Ties

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I've been changing gears at the tying bench here recently , anything with a hook smaller than a #2 is pretty much tabled until the snow starts to fly again next Fall. There may still be snow on the ground outside my window but I can feel it in my bones...seasons are a changing. For me that means a switch from fishing for trout to fishing for my new favorite quarry , smallmouth bass.
I started off tying up a few of one of my old stand-bys that I just love to fish for Spring smallmouth , the double deceiver.
 photo P2240471_zpsxvvsmfbl.jpg
Most everyone that fishes streamers for trout or smallmouth is probably familiar with this fly ,something about the profile and action just seem to provoke eats when other streamers have failed for me. If I was told to choose one streamer pattern for agressive springtime smallies it would undoubtedly be this fly. I like to keep my boxes stocked with several different sizes and color variations but an olive/white has probably caught more smallmouth for me than any other combination.
 photo P1080186_zps98083d75.jpg
 photo P2240469_zpsoywpi1py.jpg
The second pattern I decided to work on doesn't have a name as of yet. Nothing special , just a weighted single hook pattern that I came up with last year to go along with my un-weighted Simple Baitfish streamer. Bucktail , marabou and crystal flash are used to create the main body and then rubber legs are tied in just in front of this section. I finish up the fly by palmering a schlappen feather to just behind the dumbell eyes and then using Laser Dub or an E.P. Brush to form the head on the fly.
 photo P2240472_zpsvqz5crzg.jpg
I only started using this fly late last summer on a floating line and had some very good reactions from my local bass. The color combinations are endless on this one and even the materials can be altered to give you the desired effect you're looking for. For me though , it's hard to beat good old marabou for the main body , it gives the fly that sexy movement in the water that fish just can't resist.
For those of you who are fly fishing purists (you've probably already quit reading if you're one of those dry-fly snobs) you might want to avert your eyes for this next pattern. I call it the Creature Fly , due to the fact that I got the idea from watching the guys on those Sunday morning fishing shows sticking bass after bass on what they called creature baits. It's basically the flyrod version of a jig-n-pig that I have yet to try out but have very high hopes for.
 photo P2240463_zpsiwzfnmhw.jpg
It just looks too good to me to not work. I tied these on a size #1/0 Gama hook with a large set of dumbell eyes placed to make the fly ride hook point up. For the tail section I used two clumps of marabou , one tied on each side of the fly , just as you would for a crayfish claw. For the main body I used two different colors of cactus chenille twisted together and wrapped up to just behind the dumbell eyes , followed by a schlappen feather palmered up to the same point. This next step is where I may lose the interest of some of the more purist types. Using round rubber legs, I tie them in behind the eyes and basically create a rubber skirt of sorts for the fly. Generally I like to put about six to eight sets of rubber legs in a circular pattern to cover all sides of the fly.
 photo P2240466_zpsm9sdycjj.jpg
This number can vary depending on how large of a fly you're tying up. After the legs are tied in I use a second schlappen feather of a contrasting color to wrap just in front of the legs and up to the tie off point. I started off tying three each of the two colors shown and really like the way they look , more color combinations are definitely in order after seeing the final result.
 photo P2240462_zpsg8qlnp0i.jpg
If the fish like it half as much as I do it'll be a winner for sure!
While there's still lots of empty space to fill in those smallmouth flyboxes , at least I've got a head-start on the season. The weather forecast looks miserable around here for the next few days (bitterly cold and chances of snow/sleet each day) so it looks like I'll have some more time to work on filling those empty spots. I've been given a directive by the wife to clean up my tying room first though , several back to back nights spent hunkered down at the desk has left the space looking like a chicken just went through a wood-chipper!!
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Until next time...good tying.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Indian Summer in February??? Sounds good to me....

In case you missed was 70 degrees and mostly sunny both Saturday and Sunday of this past weekend. Enough said , right? Of course I snuck out of the house for a little time on the water , didn't you just read the first sentence of this post. It was a short trip this time as a couple of days was all I could swing , arriving saturday morning and heading back Sunday around noon (thanks to a tire leaking air on my buddys vehicle).
The weekend was spent hanging out with the boys from Oklahoma on one of Missouri's best Blue Ribbon trout waters. We bobber fished and caught lots of small wild rainbows and spent part of each day throwing streamers for a few browns as well. The best part of the weekend though was just being out on a beautiful Missouri river in February , with weather that felt more like June, and getting to share it with some good friends and a big cooler full of beer.
I'm not feeling too wordy this morning and the boss keeps walking through and looking at me like he wants me to actually do some form of work , so here's a few shots from the weekend that will tell the story better than I can anyway.
 photo P2070378_zpskjhykgcj.jpg
 photo P2070395_zpsia0ezfae.jpg
 photo P2070385_zpsngurzbal.jpg
 photo P2070381_zpskrejpagh.jpg
 photo P2070388_zpsxl0yc1qx.jpg
 photo P2070393_zpsihibeq9y.jpg
 photo P2070396_zpsxt1q1fmm.jpg
 photo P2070386_zpsw50pz1cu.jpg
 photo P2070397_zps9k7sr2j5.jpg
 photo P2070400_zpsjztbxepc.jpg
 photo P2070401_zpsmkx4wypx.jpg
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 photo P2070407_zpsuibe56gk.jpg
 photo P2080418_zps70jkvbo9.jpg
 photo P2080425_zpsddjwztj3.jpg
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Monday, February 2, 2015

Four Days...Three Rivers...and a Cooler Full of Mexican Beer

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February 1st is opening day for the upper section of the White River below Bull Shoals Dam and always seems to mark the big kickoff of streamer season around here. The closed section of river is a short one , and obviously those big browns aren't all hanging out up there with all of that river to wander , but opening day has become somewhat of an event for those of us who enjoy hucking the big stuff. The local fly shop in Cotter Arkansas , Dallys Ozark Angler , has come up with a little event they call the "Streamer Lovefest" to give us crazies somewhere to hang out while we're down for the big opening. Well known streamer guys from around the country along with a few locals sitting around tying up big streamers , company reps pimping their latest gear , a whole pig being smoked in the parking lot and best of all an entire room filled with a bunch of folks who enjoy streamer fishing as much as you do. This year I scheduled a few days off around the big weekend and made plans to fish with some buddies in the days surrounding it.
I headed South Thursday morning and met Sean at the cabin we were staying in to unload some gear before hitting the water for an afternoon of streamer fishing. Streamer fishing a big tailwater like the White is wholly dependant on water flows , and with the warm weather we were experiencing , those large flows that us streamer fishermen love were nothing but a pipe dream on this trip. Still , we had a good overcast day and a little bit of water being pushed through the dam so all wasn't lost.
 photo P1290235_zpsemqj6nzy.jpg
We started the day off with what has become common practice for us...crack a beer , light a cigar and take our places behind the oars and in the casting braces. I'd like nothing more than to start the story off right and tell you we slammed a couple of big fish on our first float of the trip , but we didn't. We each caught a small fish and managed to move a couple more apiece that could have eaten the ones we actually landed.
 photo P2010352_zpsogwufclf.jpg
It actually wasn't a bad day in the streamer fishing world , anytime the fish show a little interest at least you know that you have a chance. We finished up the day with a few more beers and a damn good steak dinner that we prepared ourselves at the cabin that night while we discussed our many options for day two.
Friday morning we woke up to bright sunny skies and the same water flows of the previous afternoon , not a good recipe for streamer fishing success.
 photo P1300237_zpsgveacjte.jpg
After a little discussion we decided to choose option "C" , deciding not to try and pound a square peg into a round hole all day by streamer fishing in poor conditions. A short drive had us at one of Missouri's premier Blue Ribbon trout rivers for a day of playing around with some beautiful wild rainbows. The river or the weather didn't dissapoint and we enjoyed a great day on one of the prettiest streams in the Ozarks.
 photo P1300250_zpshjkxesn3.jpg
A cooler full of cold beer , a hot streamside lunch , hanging out with good friends and a bunch of fish willing to eat the fly selection we offered them rounded out the day nicely.
 photo P1300246_zpsdfgai3ow.jpg
 photo P1300268_zpsitmzsbyg.jpg
 photo P1300251_zpsjz7p5lys.jpg
 photo P1300294_zpswhkdecb1.jpg
 photo P1300263_zpsd29ylkmy.jpg
 photo P1300260_zpsafthgpal.jpg
 photo P1300258_zpsyxohs0ra.jpg
 photo P1300285_zpsp4fnpyil.jpg
As much as we would have liked to be over on the big river hucking meat we were all smiles at the end of this beautiful Ozark day.
 photo P1300276_zpsgnkk1cza.jpg
 photo P1300296_zpszbe7alkc.jpg
 photo P1300295_zps6t55t9qw.jpg
 photo P1300300_zpscat6iaj7.jpg
That night we ate dinner in Mountain Home before heading back to the cabin to meet up with the rest of the crew staying with us , Kevin from SoMuchWater and his son had arrived earlier in the day and were hanging out enjoying a cold beer themselves after a day of wade fishing. We spent the remainder of the night talking fishing and making sure the cooler wasn't overly loaded down with cold beers before calling it a night. The only question on my mind as I drifted off to sleep was....what are we gonna do tomorrow?
The next morning the sun failed to make an appearance after it's previous days showing , while not really cold
Saturday morning the cloud cover and damp conditions definitely made it feel more like a day suited to throwing streamers. We debated options before finally deciding to head over to a little section of water on a nearby river for a day of hucking the big stuff.
 photo P1310311_zpsbcxvsrcu.jpg
While our cabin was right on the banks of the White River , making that the most obvious choice of fishing destinations , the low flows coupled with the promise of larger than average crowds in town for opening day caused us to shy away from that decision. While the flows wouldn't be any better where we were headed at least we knew that we'd have most of the river to ourselves , there's a lot to be said about that in my book.
We got on the water by 9:00 and started our day with the intention of catching a few hungry browns in the right mood to chase a streamer.
 photo P1310306_zpsvn5wgxqf.jpg
It was one of those days where , although conditions are far from perfect , they're good enough to keep you making that next cast with some degree of enthusiasm. Unfortunately for us that enthusiasm ended up being unfounded , as we didn't stick a single fish on our streamers the entire day. We threw an indicator rig in the hole that we stopped to have lunch at and plucked out a few rainbows just to knock the skunk smell off , but for the most part we just couldn't make it happen.
 photo P1310316_zpshcarecry.jpg
 photo P1310318_zpshx3dcpui.jpg
Of course we second guessed our decision making all the way back to the cabin , but in the end you just have to notch it up as another day of dues paid. Anyone who plays the streamer game knows exactly what I'm talking about.
After a hot shower we headed up to the fly shop for the evening to find a packed parking lot and a large crowd of folks already partaking in the Streamer Lovefest festivities. All I know is you could smell that whole pig from a block away!!
 photo P1310328_zpshvrgqhga.jpg
After being stopped by several guys I knew and talking a little fishing I made a beeline for the food line. As much as I like tying big flies and fishing them , eating ranks right up there as one of my favorite pasttimes (anyone who knows me would probably make the comment about how obvious that is by looking at me). I have to give props to Matt Tucker and his group ,they did a fantastic job on smoking the pig. The meat and all of the sides to accompany it were delicious and I made sure to stand around and get my fill before venturing off to visit with more folks. It was a fun night that everyone seemed to enjoy , with the bulk of talk centering around tying and fishing big streamers , obviously.
 photo P1310332_zpsnp16mgml.jpg
I watched Kelly Galloup and Mike Schmidt each tie for awhile , all the while thinking what my streamer box would look like if I had those kind of skills! We hung around until figuring that we'd better get back to the cabin and decide what we were doing the next morning and get our gear ready. After a long day on the water followed up by numerous beers and more pig than one guy should be able to consume the bed was calling my name anyway.
We woke up early Sunday with a new plan , we had decided to head over to another tailwater close by and take our chances with throwing streamers again on low water. Expecting huge crowds on the White and pretty much the same here , we chose to be at the boat ramp before daylight and try to beat everyone else to the spoils.
 photo P2010335_zps2dfmpzxo.jpg
 photo P2010336_zps9dbeblsj.jpg
You know , the early bird gets the worm and all. It was our last day to make it happen and we were semi confident that maybe today was going to be our day. Of course we felt that same way the previous day and look where it got us! One of us must be living right though because on this day these two blind squirrels got a little lucky and managed to find some streamer action.
 photo P2010346_zps54eghhgm.jpg
 photo P2010340_zpsnj6920u1.jpg
 photo P2010351_zpspnsabhcg.jpg
 photo P2010348_zpsakkuexqf.jpg
 photo P2010350_zpsccgbijgo.jpg
No , we didn't land one of those twenty pound browns that the White River area is famous for , and I suppose for some it might have just been an average day on the water. But with a couple of browns and several rainbows landed on streamers , including one bow that pretty much made my entire weekend , we pulled the boat off the water around 2:00 smiling like a couple of cats that just ate the canary.
 photo P2010355_zpsd3twfhy1.jpg
 photo P2010361_zpsvjipy11k.jpg
 photo P2010365_zpspqkh3nqk.jpg
 photo P2010363_zpsdeeqzevy.jpg
 photo P2010371_zpsauqyzxsa.jpg
 photo P2010372_zps3mnpopiv.jpg
 photo P2010373_zpsmoprdazn.jpg
While I never look forward to those long drives home after a weekend on the water , it's always sweeter when you can finish things up on a positive note , it gives you a little something to think about and seems to make the drive go by just a little bit quicker. As has been the case the last year or two I finished up my long weekend listening to the Super Bowl on the radio as I thought about that next trip...hopefully the waders won't even have time to dry out first.
 photo P2010358_zpsdum3wuru.jpg