Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rolling Down the River....A Belated TR

I should have had this up a few days ago , but it's been hectic and I just havn't had the time until today. Last week I got out with fellow bloggers and good friends Kevin ( and Brian ( to try our luck at a little smallmouth fishing before the weekend crowds hit.
I'd been wanting to get out on moving water to test out my new standing platform for my pontoon boat and the river we chose was perfect. Built by a friend and co-worker it was even better than I expected. The ability to stand up and cast will open up lots of opportunities for me with this boat , I'm digging it.
 photo P1060316_zps5e8631f7.jpg
 photo P1060317_zps451a19e4.jpg
The water was low and clear , typical summertime conditions for the Ozarks small streams and rivers. The fishing was great for numbers but not so much on quality. We all caught good numbers of smallies but we just weren't able to put the net under anything of much size. Of course a few decent fish were lost , but that's another story. Oh , and you know that comment about beating the weekend crowd...we didn't. By noon it was a total circus and you had to plan your casting lanes around canoes and kayaks filled with the typical crowd. Such is life this time of year on most Ozarks rivers.
Regardless of the less than ideal conditions it was good times with good friends on another beautiful Ozarks stream. Here's a few pictures that sum it up pretty nicely.....
 photo P1060274_zps18975fb3.jpg
 photo P1060283_zpsdfe1535c.jpg
 photo P1060301_zpsc727780d.jpg
 photo P1060297_zpsb6c071e7.jpg
 photo P1060298_zps2b60d199.jpg

 photo P1060304_zpsa4cd693b.jpg
 photo P1060306_zps5733c93f.jpg
 photo P1060310_zpsaf86e176.jpg
 photo P1060309_zpsf99f0233.jpg
 photo P1060312_zps3a9cac17.jpg


  1. I swear you have more fun than anyone else I know.

    1. Thanks Howard , that's about as good of a compliment as I can think of.
      That's the whole point of what we all do...have fun!

  2. Sitting here at work I am now jealous as can be! Love the pics!

    1. Thanks...Nothing like a few fishing pics to help make it through the work day!

  3. Photos sum it up beautifully: a great trip. Been waiting for the river to go down so we can check out the smallie population here. And nice rig! Someone should get a patent.

    1. Thanks Jim...We've got just the opposite issue down here , everythings super low and clear right now making the fish a tad skittish.
      That stand-up platform is pretty sweet for sure , I've been contemplating doing something with it....

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Alan...You just can't go wrong with a couple of good friends , a river and a few fish!

  5. Another great trip! Nice fish buddy! Sorry the fisherman hatch was on! Sounds like you made the most of it! Thanks for sharing buddy!

  6. Appreciate it. It really wasn't a big surprise , the week of July 4th you're pretty much taking your chances anywhere you go in my neck of the woods. Like you said...just make the most of it and enjoy yourself!

  7. Yep that is how I recall it. Looking at going back in August with Terry and Don. August 16th there about.

  8. life is good...or at least it was that day. :)