Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Two Nights , Twenty Miles of River and a Couple of Fish...A Smallmouth Float Trip

An idea and then a phone call. That was all it took to put things in motion for a three day , two night float down 23 miles of another Ozarks river in search of smallmouth. Kevin and I hadn't been on a real fishing trip since returning from Wyoming and it seemed like a fine time to fix that. Both of us agreed smallmouth over trout and camping on a gravel bar over a concrete pad complete with neighbors who hang those illuminated strings of plastic trout around their campsite. The weather was supposed to be perfect , too much so in fact , a beautiful September weekend is a surefire recipe for a river full of floaters and fellow fishermen around this part of the country.That being said , we'd just have to take our chances....
Kevin had to work until 4:00 Friday afternoon which would put him at the access around 6:30. Not much time to float with these ever shortening fall days, but still enough daylight to get away from the access and pitch camp on a quiet gravel bar. Myself on the other hand didn't have to work and planned to meet up with the shuttle service around noon on Friday and then be dropped off about 4 miles above the point where I was supposed to meet Kevin that evening.
It was around 1:00 when we pulled down next to the water and I started unloading three days worth of gear and arranging it on a boat that quickly began to look too small.
 photo P1060848_zps88815e7c.jpg
One last check to make sure I hadn't forgotten something I couldn't live without for three days and I watched my truck pull away as I shoved off.
It's always a good feeling to start one of these float trips. There's just something about the idea of having approximately 23 miles of river to traverse in three days and no other goals or problems to concern yourself with. It's just you and the river...and hopefully the fish.
 photo P1060728_zps00241870.jpg
I had an enjoyable afternoon float , I'd be lying if I told you that I fished very hard , but that wasn't really the point. I caught a few smallmouth and spent some time getting the gear arrangement worked out on my overloaded boat ,but mostly I just enjoyed the sun and the sound of cool water flowing over the rocks as I floated downstream.
 photo P1060797_zps8ad7b498.jpg
 photo P1060854_zpsff903b0d.jpg
 photo P1060837_zps975eb7ad.jpg
 photo P1060731_zps54d07bae.jpg
I called Kevin as I floated past the boat ramp he'd be putting in at in an hour or so. I told him my plan was to head on downstream and find us a good gravel bar for the night and get the party started ,a cold beer and a cigar were sounding awfully nice.
 photo P1060738_zpscd532bbd.jpg
 photo P1060740_zps562322d3.jpg
Kevin showed up as planned about an hour later and we spent the remainder of the night eating, drinking and sitting around the fire while discussing the next days fishing.
 photo P1060752_zps4b148f9c.jpg
 photo P1060758_zpsdee8b05c.jpg
Saturday mornings alarm clock was the sound of a blue heron leaving it's riverside roost followed shortly by a group of crows making enough racket to wake the soundest sleeper. After boiling water for some morning coffee we quickly broke camp and pushed off as the fog was still being burnt off by the early morning sun.
 photo P1060759_zps5d84c533.jpg
The weapon of choice was still a sinking line and an assortment of 6 inch streamers that I hoped would prove to the liking of the resident bass.
 photo P1060849_zpscb7e5af8.jpg
 photo P1060842_zps38e29dbb.jpg
It didn't take long to get an answer to that question as a chunky smallmouth chased and proceeded to smash my double deceiver. The morning was good and quickly getting better...
 photo P1060744_zpsb5397704.jpg
 photo P1060745_zpsb0ec4df0.jpg
The fishing was consistent and we had the river to ourselves until mid-morning when we started seeing a few floaters. We were both into the fishing and just floated and fished at our own pace , occasionally catching up with one another and trading results.
 photo P1060814_zpsbc9cc9e3.jpg
 photo P1060767_zpsac499775.jpg
By the time mid-afternoon came around we were passing the last access for the next 10 miles and leaving all of our company behind. This was truly the section of river we'd been waiting for all along...good looking water , smallies and best of all complete solitude.
 photo P1060819_zps8de6c1a3.jpg
 photo P1060766_zpsa0ef7154.jpg
 photo P1060769_zpscfa93b47.jpg
The fishing actually improved during the afternoon and we both caught good numbers of chunky stream smallmouths. We weren't able to break that revered 18" mark but the fish we did catch were well fed and aggressive , not much else a guy could ask for.
 photo P1060796_zps84169812.jpg
 photo P1060799_zps3d0fefec.jpg
 photo P1060805_zps7e5274d5.jpg
The hand held GPS read 12.4 miles when we pulled the boats over on our gravel bar for the second evening , a good chunk of water covered for a days float considering our modes of transportation.
Just like routine , we set camp and got a driftwood fire going to cook the evenings dinner.
 photo P1060827_zps52bc27e7.jpg
Nothing gourmet here ,but when eaten on the banks of a river under the stars it has no culinary equals.
 photo P1060830_zps8d7536a2.jpg
The remainder of the evening was spent sitting around a big fire emptying the remaining beer out of the coolers and telling stories about the ones that got away.
 photo P1060834_zps767bf80f.jpg
Sunday we were awoken by the same chorus of alarms as the morning before ,it seems you never have to worry about oversleeping when Mother Nature is your alarm clock. We made coffee and whipped up some breakfast burritos before breaking camp for the final 6 miles or so of river.
My first fish was hooked up before we got out of sight of the smoldering ashes from the previous nights campfire , picking right back up where we left off.
 photo P1060838_zps2b650ca4.jpg
 photo P1060837_zps975eb7ad.jpg
Another beautiful Fall morning floating down the river , the only distraction being the tug of another smallmouth from behind every boulder.
 photo P1060860_zpsc6ca38e8.jpg
 photo P1060868_zps77e92a07.jpg
 photo P1060764_zps812008a8.jpg
 photo P1060839_zpsd85cf072.jpg
The six miles went by too quick and we were slightly disappointed in the quality of water down here compared to the previous afternoon. We still caught fish from all of the spots they should have been , those spots were just fewer and farther between it seemed.
 photo P1060801_zps293f3af0.jpg
 photo P1060798_zpsd04b8444.jpg
I'm really not complaining , it only sounds that way. I'm pretty sure I had a smile on my face from the time I woke up until the time I closed my eyes at night for the entire three days of the trip.
I think it was around 2:30 when we came around the corner and spotted the takeout. A bittersweet feeling no doubt , while it's good to have made it to your final destination, it also means the end of another great trip.
 photo P1060857_zpsf46ba641.jpg
A little tired and sunburnt but otherwise no worse for the wear , we loaded up the boats and headed back to the pavement and a dose of least until the next escape plan presents itself.
 photo P1060811_zpsd127dcbe.jpg


  1. That trip rocked! Very Nice! James

    1. Appreciate it man...Those kinds of trips are good for the soul without a doubt.

  2. Damn, I'm throwing out my little trout shaped lights in shame. Harsh man. Guess I'll have to find some classic Tiki Lights!
    Another great trip and post. You make us office dwelling cubicle residents jealous. Please keep it up. Just another smile on my face the boss doesn't understand.

    1. Thanks Dave! Sorry to insult your fashion sense man , it's all good..trout lights and all!
      I'm still smiling a bit from that one as well , the sign of a good trip.

  3. Hats off to you guys. Great float, fish and camping to boot. Well done and thanks for sharing the trip with us. Great looking smallies!!

    1. Really appreciate it! It was a good one for sure , you just can't beat fall smallmouth.

  4. Great report and pictures. Stop by and pick me up next time on your way!

    thanks for sharing,

  5. Every time I see a DD, I wanna tie some. Still throwing my Shucker though. Gonna stick to what works. I only know of a few folks throwing those right now - at least that post blogs. Seems you can't go wrong. I just don't want to use sinking line right now. This is my favorite blog. I like how you hold those smallmouth. How are you gripping those - are they tired because I can't seem to stop mine from wiggling as I tag a photo. What is the white streamer pattern?

    1. Appreciate the comments man. Those DD's sure work for me , but as you stated they need to be fished on a sinking line to get the most out of them.
      I tend to hold the smallies in the same manner I would a trout , not really gripping them at all but just cradling them in my hand.
      The white streamer is my version of the Game Changer and I have to tell you , it rocks for the smallies! You can fish it in so many ways it's destined to become one of my favorites.

  6. Looks like you caught some nice footballs for sure. Congrats man. Sorry I couldn't join you this time. Would love a trip later this fall though.

    1. Thanks man...We'll have to get that musky trip in the works. I've got a line on a river that I'd like to try before this fall is over.

  7. Amazing trip and you nailed the post! A quality read! Thanks for sharing the smallies! Beautiful fish! 3 days floating for smallies...amazing soul food!

    1. Appreciate the kind words. There really is nothing like camping on a gravel bar under the stars...serious food for the soul!

  8. One your best buddy! I felt like I was there with you. I'm amazed with the outstanding looking water and the size of the fish.

    1. Thanks Howard....This old trout bum is kinda starting to dig this bass fishing thing!

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