Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pictorial Recap of 2013...Through Joes Eyes

It seems as though it's been forever since my last post , I've definitely been slacking this month. To be honest between the weather and the Holidays I just havn't had the opportunity to get out on the water or even spend much time at the tying desk. I'm hoping to change that after the first of the year and have a couple trips in the works for the month of January already.
Seeing as I'll be stuck at work every day between now and January 1st , I'm obviously not going to have anything resembling a current trip report to post so I thought I'd do a quick picture laden recap of 2013. I've done this in years past when time allowed but thought I'd put a new spin on it this year...I'm going to let my best fishing buddy narrate this one. While the most and largest fish of the year might not have been caught on these trips with Joe , hands down each and every outing would still be at the top of my list of favorites. Good company trumps great fishing every time.
Chasing wipers at the local power plant in January (unsuccessfully I might add)
P1040486a photo P1040486a.jpg
P1040477a photo P1040477a.jpg
You just can't beat a good ear rubbing...
P1040491a photo P1040491a.jpg

February carping at a local city lake...
 photo P1040671_zpsc94da86b.jpg
 photo P1040689_zps709a7549.jpg
 photo P1040702_zpsb42c0594.jpg

Early March carp quest on an area creek and river backwater...
 photo P1040911_zps6f12369b.jpg
 photo P1040918_zpsa9e0c351.jpg
 photo P1040952_zpsdde13bd2.jpg anybody in there???
 photo P1040930_zps7b597bde.jpg
 photo P1040946_zps9ec9a65b.jpg
 photo P1040953_zps1f8853d5.jpg

April adventures... Bluelines , Tailwaters and more carp.
 photo P1050044_zps2cb5b5e6.jpg
Just one lick..c'mon man!
 photo P1050055_zps0ef77d43.jpg
Peanut -butter crackers , oh boy!!
 photo P1050031_zps89545af8.jpg
Just one more belly rub before you crawl in that sleeping bag??
 photo P1050130_zps7e63e821.jpg
Damn this waters cold!!
 photo P1050139_zps4ca75b4a.jpg
 photo P1050142_zps834c609b.jpg
First one to blink loses...
 photo P1050144_zps315ff0ea.jpg
 photo P1050417_zps1bbf9a91.jpg
 photo P1050224_zps66031fc8.jpg

Mayday tailwater wipers...
 photo P1050454_zpse31af867.jpg
 photo P1050437_zpsadba0b5c.jpg
I like crappie!
 photo P1050462_zps8927b22d.jpg
But I like ham sandwiches even more!
 photo P1050455_zps0b8a5add.jpg
 photo P1050434_zps5e244719.jpg
May trip to the Driftless area...
 photo P1050792_zps83bb6843.jpg
 photo P1050587_zps6303ed0c.jpg
That's it , that's the spot!!
 photo P1050528_zps04b325e3.jpg
 photo P1050584_zps6a0bbfbe.jpg
Did you see that one??
 photo P1050575_zps854dc300.jpg
 photo P1050648_zps1bed0f2c.jpg
 photo P1050632_zpsd3c873fd.jpg
 photo P1050863_zps7ab58aaf.jpg
Just one more snooze...
 photo P1050885_zps4002c9d7.jpg
 photo P1050579_zps969c1279.jpg
 photo P1050841_zps9dd38a47.jpg
 photo P1050827_zpsc9ef363f.jpg
 photo P1050914_zps46f710d5.jpg
You said "one last cast" over an hour ago dipshit!!
 photo P1050921_zps5069a967.jpg
Memorial Weekend family camping trip...
 photo P1050940_zps1de4817e.jpg
 photo P1050992_zps7f5e5041.jpg
 photo P1050948_zps3a440256.jpg
 photo P1050972_zpsa9a4392a.jpg
 photo P1050996_zpsd8a48ed0.jpg
I really think we should hit that next hole...
 photo P1050963_zps0167f243.jpg

Carp ,Cats and Bass in June...
 photo P1060146_zps0f537f0d.jpg
 photo P1060172_zps77ae9c9e.jpg
 photo P1060192_zps3da171a0.jpg
 photo P1060212_zps6b14e074.jpg
 photo P1060188_zpsdcb3932d.jpg

Back on the bluelines in October...
 photo P1070109_zps3acd5267.jpg
I'm telling you , that was a hit!!
 photo P1070077_zpsb209373b.jpg
 photo P1070292_zps59a9b484.jpg
 photo P1070111_zps79b7cf61.jpg
 photo P1070162_zps0e3deabc.jpg
 photo P1070180_zpsa8f7e4fd.jpg
I thought you said there were fish in there??
 photo P1070240_zps526416cc.jpg
 photo P1070259_zpsee91614f.jpg
I'm a growing pup , I need a bigger bite than that!!
 photo P1070260_zps66433882.jpg
 photo P1070294_zps64df697e.jpg
 photo P1070263_zpsb5f0a068.jpg
 photo P1070218_zps45863936.jpg

I hope you enjoyed a quick look back at Joe and my best trips of 2013. Here's wishing everyone a GREAT 2014 filled with lots of time spent on the water with your best friends , until next year....


  1. Tell Joe that was an excellent recap of a great year. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Brad. It's funny how you don't really think about how lucky you are to have so many great trips until you start looking back on them.

  2. Replies
    1. I 'm pretty sure I could do another 2013 review with just the trips you and I took last year , and it'd be just as good! We gotta get out even more in 2013 though...

  3. Great year. Hoping you and Joe have a great'14

    1. Thanks Alan...After looking back I do feel lucky to have had so many opportunities to do what I love so frequently.

  4. Great Pics & looks like many pleasant fishing trips. Ron & Juanita

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It's pretty hard not to enjoy time spent on the water with a best friend like Joe!

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  6. i ADORE your joe! best kind of companion, ever! :) SOOOO sweet. :)

    1. He's got quite a fan club among the blogging world! It doesn't escape me that most folks would much rather look at pictures of a good looking dog like Joe over my ugly mug. He's the real star of the show , I just put the words to paper so to speak.
      Thanks for stopping by...

  7. Fantastic, very original idea for doing a recap. Can't wait to meet Joe one day. PS my availability next semester will be much more open, starting after the 14th of this month until end of May. Lets aim for a trip or two. Maybe Muskie :)

    1. Thanks man...I'm all for it , I would especially love to get out and chase some of those toothy critters but I'd settle for trout or smallies as well!

  8. Nice pics! you and Joe had a fantastic year! Always a pleasure and thanks for sharing! I look forward to your 2014 trips! Happy New Year!

  9. Thanks!! It was a pretty good year , I got to spend a lot of time on the water with good friends just enjoying mother nature and occassionally catching a fish or two. It's pretty hard to top that in my book!

  10. Jeff, great recap, great dog. I know we met once on the Niangua, but I probably wouldn't recoginze you on the street. However, If I see Joe on the river some day, I'll be sure to come up and say "Hey"!


    1. Thanks Dave...I remember the meeting on the river , you guys were just putting in I believe to do a float. Like you though , sometimes I don't even recognize my own face in the mirror!!
      Joe's pretty easy to recognize so if you ever see a big white dog and an ugly fat guy on the river be sure to stop and say hi.

  11. That was nice! As I've said before, you have one of the best fishing partners you could have. And so does he. Glad to see your great year together.

    1. Thanks said it pretty well , he's about as good of a partner as you'll find.

  12. Wish dogs lives were like 3 to a mans/women's. They deserve that kindness,

    Great stuff you and Joe shared!


    1. Thanks Gregg! I share your sentiments as well , it's just not fair that we only get a limited time to share with them. You just make the most of the time you do have....

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    crazy good stuff man crazy!