Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Changing Seasons...Four Harbingers of Fall

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During my three days off last week I managed to spend some time outside enjoying the refreshing break of cooler weather we've been experiencing here in the Midwest. Throughout the course of those two trips I kept seeing things that, for me anyway, are true harbingers of the upcoming season...Fall. I've said before that Summer is truly my least favorite season of the four, and if that's the case, Fall would have to be my favorite.
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While the date on the calendar says September 1st, still Summer according to the meteorological society that decides these things, judging from a few of the signs I encountered during my travels I would beg to differ.
So put away those swim trunks and pool noodles, drag the box containing the fleece jackets down off the top shelf of the closet and make sure your favorite flask is full of something to warm your insides, cause the seasons they are a changing!!
Here, in no particular order of importance, are the four harbingers of Fall I witnessed last week that tell me it's getting really close to my favorite time of year...

1) Empty waters...
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 photo P8141665_zpso5ir5p72.jpg
Granted that this was a weekday instead of a weekend, but I floated 5 miles of river and only saw one kayaker the entire day. A definite improvement over the past 90 days and sign #1.

2)Lonely rope swings...
 photo P8270194_zpsbelsek6f.jpg
I'd venture a bet that this was the first time I havn't seen a half dozen drunk floaters at this rope swing all Summer. Bravo!!!

3)Big campfires and dutch oven cooking...
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I spent the weekend at the lake with the family and the fire was actually a welcome source of warmth after the sun made it's retreat. Dutch oven cooking is something I really enjoy, but sitting around a bed of hot coals and cooking large hot meals just isn't the same when it's 100 degrees outside. On the other hand, roast chicken with vegetables and a cherry cobbler for dessert tasted mighty fine on this cool evening.

4)Chunky smallmouth bass on the feed...
 photo P8141669_zpslncxxdxn.jpg
 photo P5181173_zpsdohmvnfy.jpg
These guys seemed to be putting on the feed bag a little heavier after the last stretch of cool weather, let's hope that trend continues!!
So as you can see, there's just no way to deny the fact that Summer is officially over. before you know it we'll all be eating turkey and filling out those Christmas wish lists!!


  1. Savor, savor, savor.
    It is a sweet season.

    1. Yes it is Alan, just one more reason to get it kicked off a little early!

  2. I can feel the change coming, too....with my seasonal allergies. Haha

    Beautiful post. I miss those waters down there. It's been 2 years since I set foot in them. Change is definitely on the horizon, and up here, I'm starting to catch my musky fever.

    Glad to see you had that rope swing all to yourself =)

    1. Thanks Justin...Fall definitely means musky, I envy you having all of those waters with opportunities for musky fishing. Was able to get a trip in this spring (where I got blanked) and am hoping to get at least one or two more attempts in this Fall. Those fish are addicting!!
      It sure was nice not to have to wait in line for my turn!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Jim...I'm sure that some cooler, wet Fall weather would be much appreciated out there with the fires that you good folks have been dealing with. It's on it's way...

  4. I'm happy that you're happy. I'll look to see if the rafters, kayakers, rock stackers, rope swingers and gold panners are gone yet.

    1. Gosh Howard, you might actually have more idiots to deal with than we do. Have yet to see gold panners on my locals....

  5. Nice pattern on that Smallie. I hit 'em up today. Didn't get to cover much water but I had a few jumpers. I've seen a few ropes hanging round too.

    1. Thanks fished pretty well on that trip. Not lots of numbers but some pretty decent fish. I love me some empty rope swings!!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Theresa...getting to be the time of year Joe likes to get out a little more. In his old age (13 1/2) he doesn't do that well when it gets really hot. I know exactly how he feels too, it's rough getting old!!