Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Niangua River - 6/29/10

Niangua River Water Levels:
6/29 - 1.23.....65 cfs
Water is low and clear

Weather looked too nice to hang around the house so I decided to hit the river with my best fishing buddy.
He's the only one I know that never has an excuse as to why he can't get away for a fishing trip. Decided to do a quick one day down to the Niangua for some bows and browns.
Got to the Bennett Access about 6:45am and found it totally empty so I figured it was a good place to start. Caught several stocker sized rainbows on sculpin patterns swung through the riffles. Nothing of any size but enough action to make it good fishing nonetheless.Photobucket

A few canoes started showing up to launch about 9:30 so I decided to head downriver to Barclay Access and try my luck. Drove through the park on my way out just to see how crowded it was and grab a cold soda from the park store , surprisingly it didn't look all that bad (of course it was a Tuesday). Still too crowded for my liking but I've seen it a lot worse during the summer months.
Got to Barclay and had a quick lunch (I think my fishing partner got more than his share of bbq chicken!) before hitting the water.
Started at the island riffle and worked my way upstream past Redbeards riffle to the corner. Caught good numbers of fish out of all the usual spots , but was surprised that no brown trout were caught.
This area always produces several browns a trip for me it seems. Makes me wonder if MDC is still keeping up with the brown trout stocking or just putting in rainbows from the Bennett hatchery?
As a bonus I did catch a half dozen smallmouth in this section , the most I've ever caught before.
Unfortunately they were all little guys, but still a good time on the 4 weight. All fish were taken on either a rubber legs nymph or a pine squirrel sculpin ,which are always two of my best producers on this river.
All in all it was a good day on the water.

The weather was perfect and the river was about as empty as you can expect to see this time of year. And without a doubt I had some of the best company a guy could ask for while enjoying his favorite pasttime.

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