Thursday, July 8, 2010

Taneycomo 7/03-7/06

Taneycomo - generation was intermittent. Flows ranged from a mild one unit all day to zero generation in the morning and two units in the afternoon.

Headed to Table Rock with the wife to hang out at the lake and do some scuba diving over the long holiday weekend. Of course I took the long rod along knowing that I'd get a chance or two to hit the tailwater for some fishing if all went as planned. After a long day of diving and playing at the lake on Saturday it wasn't hard to talk the wives into sleeping in on Sunday morning while we went fishing. I checked the SWPA water schedule that evening at the hotel and saw that 25 mw was predicted all day , not my favorite water level for wade fishing but very fishable.Photobucket

Hit the water at about 7:30 with Dave and as predicted a light one unit was running. There were already several cars in the parking lot on the hatchery side so we drove over to the Dewey Short side access. Nobody in the first parking lot so we pulled in and geared up. There was only a shin deep flow on the backside so we crossed and started fishing the front side of the island. I started off with a #16 bit-scud and a #18 g-bug trailer fished under an indicator. I gave Dave an egg pattern to try as he only fishes one fly most of the time. Didn't get into fish right off the bat so slight adjustments were made a time or two until I found a combo that interested a few fish.
Stuck with the same bit-scud / g-bug pairing but changed colors and size a few times. Best combo for me was a #18 dk olive bit-scud trailed by a #18 purple/wine g-bug.
Although I was hooking up pretty frequently I would say that it was a tough bite for Taney.

With only one unit running there isn't enough current to push the fish towards the edges and it just seems to spread them out more in my opinion. The river remained cloaked in a heavy fog all morning and was just beginning to show signs of breaking up when we called it a day at about 10:30. It looked as though the sun might make an appearance and we wanted to be out on the lake diving to take advantage of the improved visibilityPhotobucket.

Didn't make it back down to fish until after dinner on Monday evening. Talked the wife into sitting in the car and reading while I tried my luck at a little night fishing. Got rigged in the parking lot and hit the water about 10:00PM . Looked as though maybe one light unit was running but it was hard to tell. I was using an olive pine squirrel sculpin and began in between outlets #1 and #2. Slowly worked my way downstream until I reached the end of the North bank. Tried swinging it and stripping it but never had a take the entire time. Only fished for about an hour before I started feeling guilty about the wife sitting in the car , probably wouldn't have felt guilty if the fish had been biting though. Pretty much a typical night fishing experience for me , either I do pretty well or catch nothing at all. I definitely didn't fish prime time for sure but I hoped to pull the blind squirrel trick and hook up with a couple at least.
Only two trips to the tailwater in 4 days was a little less than I had hoped for but we had a great weekend at the lake diving , skiing , fishing and just kicking back a good part of the time. Took a few pics but not many as no fish of any size were caught , good healthy rainbows but nothing large.

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