Wednesday, July 14, 2010

After Work Carping

Hillsdale Lake 7/13/10

Had the evening to myself with no plans so I decided to head down to Hillsdale with my fishing buddy for a short trip. Photobucket
I hadn't been down to chase Golden Bones for several weeks and figured I'd go check out the situation. I arrived to find the lake high and a little muddy from the recent rains around the area.
This wasn't going to be a good thing for my sight fishing chances I thought to myself. To make matters worse they were dumping water through the spillway which in my experience makes most fish hold further off shore and less accessible to the wading angler. Still a beautiful evening so I decided to walk some areas along the dam that had produced sight fishing opportunities for me last year. There was plenty of flooded grass and a few carp up shallow feeding but the water was muddy enough to make them next to impossible to see unless they were super shallow. I managed to get a few limited shots at fish and landed only one small carp for my efforts.
I did catch a small drum on the pine squirrel as well , just blind casting on my way back to the car.
Saw a couple of larger fish but they had no interest in my fly , presentation was difficult considering the visibility and I errantly spooked a couple of fish with bad casts. Several flies were tried ,including the pine squirrel sculpin and the carp carrot , two of my favorite fly patterns for carp. Not a bad way to spend an evening with my best fishing buddy.

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