Sunday, February 28, 2016

Last Streamer Trip of the Season?

 photo P2212279_zpsdqqwfdkw.jpg
I'm running just a little behind with this post it seems. Last weekend I managed to sneak back down to the White River again for more of that big fly streamer action. The lake is almost back to normal, which means lessening generation... and this warmer weather has my mind wandering to wet wading for smallies.
The days of chasing trout are soon to be put on the back burner, replaced by several of their warmwater brethren.For now though, one last big water trip in the books.
Mostly the same cast of characters, still chasing the same objective and having a hell of a great time doing it!
 photo P2202277_zpsdl0m96i7.jpg
 photo P2212291_zpsy8oero08.jpg photo P2212282_zpsgirkpwa4.jpguser photo P2212287_zpsctvojkir.jpg photo P2202274_zps7jatjozc.jpg photo P2202272_zpspgkibnuu.jpg photo P2202278_zpsqhpeqftd.jpg photo P2212283_zpsz91sv4ya.jpg


  1. Pretty water and fish. That All Day IPA photo is a classic.

  2. Heck of an outing! Those are some real bruiser browns.

  3. Awesome.
    That last brown a beauty.

  4. I love it! If I come out your way will you take me out with you? I love that big brown.