Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spring Break 2016

I took my annual March vacation last week, my own personal Spring Break so to speak. Nine days without the headaches of the normal 9:00 - 5:00 grind is always a welcome thing, but even more so if at least some of that time is spent on the water. I was fortunate enough to spend most of the week hanging out in a rented cabin with a small group of family and friends doing what guys normally do on extended fishing trips...eat, sleep, fish...repeat the process.
The weather was nicer than average for early March, the streams I floated all fished exceptionally well and my evenings were spent hanging out with folks I enjoy sitting around a fire with...what else could a guy ask for??
 photo P3012310_zpsukrqj4m6.jpg
 photo P3012314_zpsmamyla4x.jpg
 photo P2292294_zpstogxg74u.jpg
 photo P3012322_zpsnlqfm2ot.jpg
 photo P3012321_zps84ldkibf.jpg
 photo P3012325_zpsmberhavv.jpg
 photo P3022377_zpsd8wu6amh.jpg
 photo P3012326_zpsi4qs2mrq.jpg
 photo P3012328_zpsipkcsfxl.jpg
 photo P3012341_zpsfehtmtbr.jpg
 photo P3022378_zpstj2j6e33.jpg
 photo P3012348_zpsdhjg9hvo.jpg
 photo P3032446_zps4vko72sv.jpg
 photo P3012354_zps48cn4cth.jpg
 photo P3022409_zpsoxl8jfc2.jpg
 photo P3022416_zpsbotv5suv.jpg
 photo P3022412_zpsnhwxkx9v.jpg
 photo P3022384_zpsyfrk6lif.jpg
 photo P3022402_zpsos25i664.jpg
 photo P3032451_zpsuk1qn41w.jpg
 photo P3022405_zpszyvmmggd.jpg
 photo P3032436_zpsk3e4tzwc.jpg
 photo P3032437_zpsyt9xzsmt.jpg
 photo P3032452_zpsyfsajsxz.jpg
 photo P3022421_zpshfxjr8fn.jpg
 photo P3022418_zpsdggi8yi4.jpg
 photo P3032477_zpso8nynnpp.jpg
 photo P3032441_zps0sgrbdxk.jpg
 photo P3032447_zps4a4cs8o6.jpg
 photo P3032470_zpsoakdadr0.jpg
 photo P3032448_zpsmusi6wtw.jpg
 photo P3022424_zpskegf9rf3.jpg
 photo P3032465_zpsq6yi7caa.jpg
 photo P3022399_zps7hg0nrfy.jpg


  1. You did it again--you made me envious. Very nice photos.

  2. Thanks Jim...it was a very enjoyable week spent floating and fishing. Usually early March feels more like Winter than Spring but this year it was practically early Summer out there!!

  3. Jeff, I'm not getting enough High Plains Fly Fisher. The water looks great, the fish healthy and the bbq yummy. You live in heaven don't you?

    1. I here ya Howard. Just the other day I was telling the wife that I just wasn't getting enough time to go fishing. Between a job, work around the house and spending some free time with the wife it's just not working out...we need more days in the week or something.
      This was an enjoyable trip for sure, all the locals wanted to come out and play.

  4. Looks like a really cool way to fish, would love to own one of those.

    1. It is Ben. There are a lot of different boats on the market that will suit about any need, they are a great tool for getting away from the popular accesses and getting into some better fishing.

  5. Beautiful trip. "That River", if my guess is accurate, is a real gem when it's not crowded. Planning to hit it this spring with my new kayak.

    1. I totally agree Dave., if only it would stay that serene all year long. Give me a shout if you need a floating partner...my arm can generally be twisted into another fishing trip!

  6. Great to get out, relax with friends and fish!! You done it again. Nice post.

    1. Thanks. You hit the nail on the head with that statement, after a long Winter it was just nice to enjoy some good weather with good friends and get a little fishing in.

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