Monday, April 4, 2016

Just a Couple of Reasons Why I Love Spring in the Ozarks

Unless you live deep in the South or snow skiing is your pastime of choice, Spring is almost always a welcome season when it finally rolls around. Old man winter starts to release his grasp on things and Mother nature begins brushing the countryside with the multitude of greens on her palette.
While I'm sure that Spring is just as welcome in your backyard as it is mine, there's something about a Spring morning in the Ozarks that's pretty hard to beat.
 photo P4022576_zpswkxnpvie.jpg
Boats loaded and rods are set-up, fully armed with what I'm hoping is the smallmouth candy of choice today...
 photo P3212542_zpsafmuo4y6.jpg
This girl was enjoying a warm, sunny morning on her Spring nest as I floated by in search of hungry smallies...
 photo P4022565_zpsnekbfaqc.jpg
There really is nothing to compare with an early morning float on a peaceful river this time of year. Everything is greening up and taking on a new face after a long winter season...
 photo P4022572_zpssjdnytky.jpg
 photo P4022612_zpskuhwpm8j.jpg
 photo P4022639_zpslbhv6lcx.jpg
Definitely my kind of morning coffee break...
 photo P4022580_zpshkxesdsp.jpg
These rivers take on an entirely different look come Memorial Day, on most of my Spring floats I seldom see another person though...
 photo P4022604_zpsvqvf8wm0.jpg
 photo P4022616_zps02tmbfii.jpg
 photo P4022621_zps7syiatzl.jpg
Lunch always tastes better if consumed streamside with your feet kicked up on the side of a boat...
 photo P4022614_zps8laud8xl.jpg
Who doesn't love a good portage (or two), that would be ME...
 photo P4022589_zpsijc9nr7d.jpg
 photo P4022591_zpstce9wun2.jpg
And the best thing about Springtime in the Ozarks is most definitely the smallmouth bite. There's just nothing that beats a good day on the water tangling with a bunch of scrappy smallies!
 photo smalljaws 2016_zpsu1ivaef9.jpg
 photo P4022625_zpsyxgytgz2.jpg
 photo P4022622_zpsk2gdel5k.jpg
 photo P4022634_zpsdltlsd0q.jpg
 photo P4022638_zpsjpgohxmc.jpg
 photo P4022643_zpsrwhcbz5k.jpg
 photo P4022630_zpsyntvruei.jpg
 photo P4022640_zpsmtvaejfs.jpg
 photo P4022637_zpstcttryar.jpg


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. It's not as glamorous as many other parts of the country when it comes to fly fishing, but the fishing and scenery are better than most would think.

  2. Replies
    1. Unfortunately between memorial day and !abor day it becomes a major float/party river and I refuse to even fish it. This time of year it's as you say...a beautiful small river.

  3. Well done Jeff! It's nice to see that it's Spring somewhere and someone is getting out.

    1. Its a day to day affair here Howard. Today it's spring, tomorrow it's winter again and by Friday it might be midsummer. I've been trying to take advantage of those nice days as best I can though.

    2. Oh Jeff, I just realized that every time I read your blog I gain weight.

  4. Thx Jeff, I was all set for a salt trip and the pull of some crazy reds. But now I have smb fever...decisions, decisions!

    1. All of lifes decisions should be so tough! With choices like that I have to admit that you won't get much sympathy from me...good luck, whichever choice you make.

  5. Looks like another nice outing, catch and good weather. Been kind of crappie here for the past few days. Freezing overnight and below 40 during the days. Always enjoyable to check in with you and see how the central states are fishing!

    1. Thank you, I appreciate the kind words.
      It can't be too much longer before old man winter lets go of his hold on you guys. Hang in there...besides, those kind of days are great for sitting around with a good smoke and some brown liquor to warm up your insides!!

  6. The old Double Deceiver as their candy of choice. Whodathunkit?
    P.S.....Don't you work? You don't look old enough to
    be retired!

    1. The benefit of working a 12 hour shift, I only work 7 out of every 14 days. I try to take advantage of all those weekdays off by spending as many of them as I can on mostly empty rivers. I can't complain...